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1 to 100 Hindi Ginti | Hindi Counting in English and Urdu

1 to 100 Hindi Ginti
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1 to 100 Hindi Ginti, Hindi Counting in English and Urdu! Counting in Hindi in English and Urdu. Hindi Ginti is available in English and Urdu, as well as Roman Hindi and Devanagari Script. These scripts will make it much easier for beginners to memorise and learn Hindi Counting.

These scripts are included to help learners save time and effort. Numbers in Hindi can be a little challenging at first, but as you recognise some of the common patterns, they become much easier to remember. A convenient table of Hindi numbers from 1 to 200 is provided here.
The chart below shows how to count from 1 to 200 in Hindi. A PDF version of this chart is also available. The PDF version of this page is available for download at the bottom of this page. At the bottom of the page, you’ll find a link to a free PDF.

Hindi Counting in English and Urdu

Numbers in English Numbers in Hindi
Numbers English Roman Hindi Devanagari Script
0 zero Shuniye शून्य
1 one Ek एक
2 two Do दो
3 three Teen तीन
4 four Char चार
5 five Panch पांच
6 six Cheh छह
7 seven Saat सात
8 eight Aath आठ
9 nine Nao नौ
10 ten Das दस
11 eleven Gyaarah ग्यारह
12 twelve Baarah बारह
13 thirteen Tehrah तेरह
14 fourteen Chaudah चौदह
15 fifteen Pandrah पंद्रह
16 sixteen Saulah सोलह
17 seventeen Satrah सत्रह
18 eighteen Atharah अठारह
19 nineteen Unnis उन्नीस
20 twenty Bees बीस

1 to 100 hindi counting 1 to 100 hindi counting

21 twenty one Ikis इकीस
22 twenty two Bais बाईस
23 twenty three Teis तेइस
24 twenty four Chaubis चौबीस
25 twenty five Pachis पच्चीस
26 twenty six Chabis छब्बीस
27 twenty seven Satais सताइस
28 Twenty eight Athais अट्ठाइस
29 twenty nine Unatis उनतीस
30 thirty Tis तीस
31 thirty one Ikatis इकतीस
32 thirty two Batis बतीस
33 thirty three Tentis तैंतीस
34 thirty four Chautis चौंतीस
35 thirty five Pentis पैंतीस
36 thirty six Chatis छतीस
37 thirty seven Setis सैंतीस
38 thirty eight Adhtis अड़तीस
39 thirty nine Untaalis उनतालीस
40 forty Chalis चालीस

1 to 100 hindi counting 1 to 100 hindi counting

41 forty one Iktalis इकतालीस
42 forty two Byalis बयालीस
43 forty three Tetalis तैतालीस
44 forty four Chavalis चवालीस
45 forty five Pentalis पैंतालीस
46 forty six Chyalis छयालिस
47 forty seven Setalis सैंतालीस
48 forty eight Adtalis अड़तालीस
49 forty nine Unachas उनचास
50 fifty Pachas पचास
51 fifty one Ikyavan इक्यावन
52 fifty two Baavan बावन
53 fifty three Tirepan तिरपन
54 fifty four Chauvan चौवन
55 fifty five Pachpan पचपन
56 fifty six Chappan छप्पन
57 fifty seven Satavan सतावन
58 fifty eight Athaavan अठावन
59 fifty nine Unsadh उनसठ
60 sixty Saadh साठ

1 to 100 hindi counting

61 sixty one Iksadh इकसठ
62 sixty two Baasad बासठ
63 sixty three Tirsadh तिरसठ
64 sixty four Chausadh चौंसठ
65 sixty five Pensadh पैंसठ
66 sixty six Chiyasadh छियासठ
67 sixty seven Sadhsadh सड़सठ
68 sixty eight Asdhsadh अड़सठ
69 sixty nine Unahtar उनहतर
70 seventy Sattar सत्तर
71 seventy one Ikahtar इकहतर
72 seventy two Bahatar बहतर
73 seventy three Tihatar तिहतर
74 seventy four Chauhatar चौहतर
75 seventy five Pachhatar पचहतर
76 seventy six Chiyahatar छिहतर
77 seventy seven Satahatar सतहतर
78 seventy eight Adhahatar अठहतर
79 seventy nine Unnasi उन्नासी
80 eighty Assi अस्सी

1 to 100 hindi counting

81 eighty one Ikyasi इक्यासी
82 eighty two Byaasi बयासी
83 eighty three Tirasi तिरासी
84 eighty four Chaurasi चौरासी
85 eighty five Pachasi पचासी
86 eighty six Chiyaasi छियासी
87 eighty seven Sataasi सतासी
88 eighty eight Athasi अट्ठासी
89 eighty nine Nauasi नवासी
90 ninety Nabbe नब्बे
91 ninety one Ikyaanave इक्यानवे
92 ninety two Baanave बानवे
93 ninety three Tiranave तिरानवे
94 ninety four Chauraanave चौरानवे
95 ninety five Pachaanave पचानवे
96 ninety six Chiyaanave छियानवे
97 ninety seven Sataanave सतानवे
98 ninety eight Adhaanave अट्ठानवे
99 ninety nine Ninyaanave निन्यानवे
100 one hundred Ek Sau एक सौ

1 to 100 hindi counting

101 One Hundred One Ek sau ek एक सौ एक
102 One Hundred Two Ek sau do एक सौ दो
103 One Hundred Three Ek sau teen एक सौ तीन
104 One Hundred Four Ek sau char एक सौ चार
105 One Hundred Five Ek sau panch एक सौ पांच
106 One Hundred Six Ek sau chhhe एक सौ छे
107 One Hundred Seven Ek sau saat एक सौ सात
108 One Hundred Eight Ek sau aath एक सौ आठ
109 One Hundred Nine Ek sau nau एक सौ नौ
110 One Hundred Ten Ek sau dash एक सौ दस
111 One Hundred Eleven Ek sau gyarah एक सौ ग्यारह
112 One Hundred Twelve Ek sau barah एक सौ बारह
113 One Hundred Thirteen Ek sau terah एक सौ तेरह
114 One Hundred Fourteen Ek sau chaudah एक सौ चौदह
115 One Hundred Fifteen Ek sau pandrah एक सौ पन्द्रह
116 One Hundred Sixteen Ek sau solah एक सौ सोलह
117 One Hundred Seventeen Ek sau satrah एक सौ सत्रह
118 One Hundred Eighteen Ek sau atharah एक सौ अठारह
119 One Hundred Nineteen Ek sau unnis एक सौ उन्नीस
120 One Hundred Twenty Ek sau bis एक सौ बीस

1 to 100 hindi counting

121 One Hundred Twenty One Ek sau ekkis एक सौ इक्कीस
122 One Hundred Twenty Two Ek sau baes एक सौ बाइस
127 One Hundred Twenty Seven Ek sau satais एक सौ सताइस
130 One Hundred Thirty Ek sau tees एक सौ तीन
138 One Hundred Thirty Eight Ek sau adtis एक सौ अड़तीस
139 One Hundred Thirty Nine Ek sau unchalis एक सौ उनचालीस


145 One Hundred Forty Five Ek sau untalish एक सौ पैंतालिस
149 One Hundred Forty Nine Ek sau unchas एक सौ उनचास
156 One Hundred Fifty Six Ek sau chhapan एक सौ छपन
159 One Hundred Fifty Nine Ek sau unsath एक सौ उनसठ
163 One Hundred Sixty Three Ek sau tirsath एक सौ तिरसठ
169 One Hundred Sixty Nine Ek sau unhatar एक सौ उनहतर
172 One Hundred Seventy Two Ek sau bahatar एक सौ बहतर
177 One Hundred Seventy Seven Ek sau sathatar एक सौ सतहतर
185 One Hundred Eighty Five Ek sau pachasi एक सौ पचाशी
189 One Hundred Eighty Nine Ek sau nwasi एक सौ नवासी
190 One Hundred Ninty Ek sau nabe एक सौ नबे
193 One Hundred Ninty Three Ek sau tiranwe एक सौ तिरानवे
195 One Hundred Ninty Five Ek sau pichanwe एक सौ पिचानवे
198 One Hundred Ninty Eight Ek sau anthanwe एक सौ अनठावे
200 Two Hundred Do sau दो सौ

1 to 100 hindi counting 1 to 100 hindi counting 1 to 100 hindi counting

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