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10 Animals Names List with Pictures

10 Animals Names List with Pictures
Written by English Oye

10 Animals Names List with Pictures

The lesson discusses the 10 animals names list with pictures in English and Urdu. The list includes common creatures like the dog and the cat, as well as more exotic animals like the lion and the tiger. Each animal is accompanied by a picture and a brief description in both English and Urdu. The lesson concludes with a few sentences about why it’s important for people to learn about different animals, regardless of where they live.

Elephant ہاتھی
Zebra زیبرا
Arctic wolf آرکٹک بھیڑیا
Chimpanzee بن مانس
Tiger چیتا
Koala کوآلا
Lizard چھپکلی
Deer ہرن
Otter اود بلاؤ
Giraffe زرافه


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