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10 Birds Name In English and Urdu

10 Birds Name In English and Urdu
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10 Birds Name In English and Urdu

The bird species found in Pakistan are quite diverse and include both resident and migrant birds. The most common birds found in Pakistan are the house sparrow, the Indian roller, the hoopoe, and the crow. Some of the other more commonly found bird species include the black drongo, the white-rumped shama, the paradise flycatcher, the blue-headed rock thrush, and the red-vented bulbul.

  1. Quail———بٹیر
  2. swallow———ابابیل
  3. Bat———چمگادڑ
  4. Amadavat———لال
  5. Cock———مرغا
  6. Peahen———مورنی
  7. Chicken———چوزہ
  8. chick———چھوٹا
  9. ostrich———شتر مرغ
  10. Crane———سارس

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