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10 Birds Names List in English and Urdu with Pictures

10 Birds Names
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10 Birds Names List in English and Urdu with Pictures! List of English Bird Names with Urdu Meanings Learns about popular bird species in Urdu to improve your English vocabulary. The English names of birds and their Urdu meanings It is critical for us to learn common bird names in order to expand our English vocabulary.
The names of common birds will be taught in this basic lesson. Singular and plural forms of each bird are written. To make it easier to understand, each bird will be described in a sentence. Each bird is described in both English and Urdu, and a photograph of the bird is included.

10 Birds Names List in English and Urdu

Birds Names in english and urdu

Goose قاز
Swallow ابابیل
Buzzard شکرا کی قسم
Nightingale بلبل
Owl الو
Chicken چوزہ
Heron بگلا
ostrich شتر مرغ
Canary زرد بلبل
Tomtit پدڑی
Hawk باز
Amadavat لال
King fisher رام چڑیا
Starling مینا
Fantail لقا کبوتر
Falcon شکرا
Sparrow چڑیا
Cuckoo کوئل
Pheasant چکور
Kite چہل
Bat چمگادڑ
Peacock مور
Crane سارس
Cock مرغا
Parrot طوطا
Hen مرغی
Vulture گدھ
Peahen مورنی
Crow کوا
Duck بطخ
Quail بٹیر
Pigeon کبوتر
Dove فاختہ
Coot مرغابی
Partridge تیتر
Hoopoe ہُدہُد
Black bird کستوری پرندہ
Lark چنڈول

Birds Names in english and urdu

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