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10 Flowers Name in English and Urdu

10 Flowers Name in English and Urdu
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10 Flowers Name in English and Urdu

The flower’s name in Urdu is Gul-e-bahar, which means “flower of spring.” The flower is also known as a rose in English. Roses are symbols of love and appreciation, and are often given as gifts. Roses come in many different colors, each with their own meaning. For example, red roses represent passion and love, while white roses represent purity and innocence.

The following are ten flowers and their respective names in English and Urdu:


Jasmine چنبیلی
Cannabis بھنگ
Daffodil نرگس آبی
Lily سوسن
Cobra Saffron حننل
Primrose بسنتی گلاب
Buttercups گل اشرفی
Blue Water Lily نیل کمل
Arabian Jasmine عرب چنبیلی
Rose گلاب


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