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10 Fruit Names in English and Urdu

10 Fruit Names and Urdu
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10 Fruit Names in English and Urdu! Did you know that the word for “apple” in Urdu is “seb”? Or that the word for “orange” is “naranj”? Here are 10 fruit names in English and Urdu, perfect for practicing your vocabulary skills!

There are many different names for fruit in English and Urdu. This blog post will list 10 fruit names in each language.

Fruit Names in English

Fruit Urdu Name
Orange کینو
Fig انجیر
Lemon لیموں
Pineapple انناس
Nance برازیلی بیر
Malay apple مالائی سیب
Watermelon تربوز
Grapes انگور
Surinam cherry سورینام چیری
Strawberry اسٹرابیری
Pumpkin قددو
Cherry چیری
Black currant کالی کشمش
Grapefruit گریپ فروٹ
Prickly pear کاںٹیدار ناشپاتیاں
Coconut ناریل



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