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10 Games Name In Urdu and English

Games Names in Urdu
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10 Games Name In Urdu and English! The list of 10 games name in Urdu and English is a great resource for parents and teachers who are looking to introduce children to new games in a language that they are familiar with. The games listed can help promote early language development, while also providing a fun activity for kids to enjoy. Parents and teachers can use this list as a starting point for finding more games that target the needs of young learners.

10 Games Name In Urdu

Badminton بیڈمنٹن
Skipping game رسی کُودنا
Football فٹ بال
Boating کشتی رانی
Table tennis ٹیبل ٹینس
Chess چس
Wrestling کُشتی لڑنا
Tug of war رسہ کشی
Horse-race گھوڑ دوڑ
Basketball باسکٹ بال
Snooker اسنوکر
Baseball بیس بال
Archery تیر اندازی


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