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10 Vegetables Name in English and Urdu

10 Vegetables Name in English and Urdu
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10 Vegetables Name in English and Urdu

There are dozens of vegetables to choose from in any grocery store, but which ten should you know the most about? Here are ten of the most common and delicious vegetables you may not have heard of before. What vegetable do you think is the most versatile? Well, it’s not a leafy green or a starchy tuber. It might surprise you to know that the vegetable with the most versatility is none other than the potato! This humble spud can be cooked in so many ways, from creamy mashed potatoes to crispy hash browns, and its flavor is perfect for any dish. Here are 10 vegetables that are just as versatile as the potato:


Potato آلو
Beans پھلیاں
Brassica سرسوں
Lettuce سلاد پتا
Ash Gourd پیٹھا
Cucumber کھیرا
Broccoli سبز گوبھی
Yam اروی
Pumpkin کدو
Bottle Gourd لوکی
Chili مرچ


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