100 Examples of Active and Passive Voice & Exercises

100 examples of active and passive voice
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In this lesson you will find some common examples of active and passive voice with some practice exercises. Learning Active and Passive voice is very important it will help in English speaking.

Examples of Active and Passive Voice

Below are examples of active and passive voice:

Active Voice Passive Voice
They know me. I am known to them.
The film disappointed us. We were disappointed at or with the film.
Your visits please my father. My father is pleased with your visit.
No one knows what the box contains. It is not known to anyone what is contained in the box.
The answer astonished (or surprised) me. I was astonished at or by (or surprised at or by) the answers.
Shut the door after you come in. Let the door be shut after you come in. (or) Have the door shut …
Don’t trouble your neighbors. Let your neighbors not be troubled by you.
Get a new suit. Let a new suit be got (by you).
Please teach me this book. I request this book be taught by you.
Kindly tell me the address of your father. I request the address of your father be told to me by you.
Write your homework and bring it tomorrow. Let your homework be written and let it be brought tomorrow.
I saw them at the station yesterday. They were seen at the station by me
My teachers do not punish me. I am not punished by my teachers.

examples of active and passive voice

Active Voice Passive Voice
The teachers were teaching classes at noon Classes were being taught by the teachers at noon
We shall play a match tomorrow. A match will be played by us tomorrow. (or) Tomorrow a match …
Please make tea for me. Has tea been made for me, please? (or) I request you to have tea made for me.
When will you return the book? When will the book be returned by you?
His sudden visit surprised me. I was surprised at his sudden visit.
She took the letter to the post office. The letter was taken by her to the post office.
He was planting new trees in the garden. New trees were being planted by him in the garden.
Go and wash the utensils. Be gone and let the utensils be washed.
Your behavior displeases me. I am displeased at your behavior.
He will address a meeting here tomorrow. A meeting will be addressed by him here tomorrow.
The people need able leaders. Able leaders are needed by the people.
We should construct new dams. New dams should be constructed by us.
Do not read harmful books. Let harmful books not be read by you.
Read useful looks. Let useful books be read.
Why are you wasting the best part of your life? Why is the best part of your life being wasted by you?
Jamil wrote these letters yesterday. These letters were written by Jamil yesterday.
He has invited many guests. Many guests have been invited by him.
I do not see him these days. He is not seen by me these days.
Did he help you with money? Were you helped by him with money?
The class does not understand you. You are not understood by the class.
The nurse will not weigh the patient. The patient will not be weighed by the nurse.
Does the teacher help you? Are you helped by the teacher?
Do the teachers believe the students? Are the students believed by the teachers?
Does the instructor train him? Is he trained by the instructor?
Don’t her friends visit her? Isn’t she visited by her friends?
Don’t most Pakistanis know it? Isn’t it known by most Pakistanis?
Would the dancer entertain them? Would they be entertained by the dancer?
Sahira could not answer the question. The question could not be answered by Sahira.
That girl had never trusted me. I had never been trusted by that girl.
Does he not see us? Are we not seen by him?
Do they not meet us? Are we not met by them?
Does the legal system satisfy the people? Are the people satisfied with the legal system?
Are the leaders not asking the nation to destroy education and culture? Is the nation not being asked by the leader to destroy education and culture?

examples of active and passive voice

Active Passive Exercises

  • Brave warriors never lay down their arms.
  • True leaders do not build palaces for their families. They share their wealth with the poor.
  • Our people have been fooled by political leaders for more than half a century.
  • If you take away the rights of the people, God will punish you severely.
  • If you denationalize educational institutions, education will be beyond the reach of many.
  • Establish colleges and universities for the sons and daughters of working people.
  • Do you always obey cruel officers?
  • No government can hold free and fair elections when the common people are poor and uneducated. [Free and fair elections cannot be held by any government … ]
  • The people should be educated by the government and private organizations urgently.
  • Only educated and prosperous people can suitably elect educated members of the Assemblies.
  • Who had given chances to the richest classes to misrule the country?
  • The armed forces should have brought about equality in the country.
  • The Internet has changed the lifestyles of people in the East and the West.
  • Had the Mughal rulers not kept the common people backward like the Pakistani rulers?
  • Are the courts of justice doing their duty and are the judges acting on moral principles? [Is their duty being done by the courts of justice and are moral principles being acted on … ]

Active Passive Voice (Infographics)

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