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100 Fruits Names in English with Urdu/Hindi Translation

fruit names in english and urdu
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100 Fruits Names in English with Urdu Translation! Fruit names are usually intriguing to learn about, but we may not be familiar with all of them. Fruits, on the other hand, are an essential element of our nutrition. Fruits provide us a quick boost of energy, taste great, and improve our lives. For those who want to learn about fruits, here is a list of all the fruits’ names together with lovely photos to help you remember them.
Learn common vocabulary for Fruits Names in English with Urdu Meanings to help you communicate English in everyday situations. All fruit names have a common English vocabulary that will help you speak English fluently in an English conversation. Learning vocabulary is a lot of fun because it helps you improve your English. It is difficult to speak English without learning English vocabulary. As a result, learn these words to discuss various fruits. Use these terms to help you remember things better. Download fruit names in PDF from below.

Fruits Names in English with Urdu

Fruit Names  Pictures Urdu Hindi
Pear pear ناشپاتی नाशपाती
Orange orange مالٹا संतरा
Java plum java plum جامن जावा प्लम
Apple apple سیب सेब
Grapes grapes انگور अंगूर
Plum plum آلوچہ/آلو بخارا आलूबुखारा
Banana banana کیلا केला
Cherry Cherry چیری/شاہ دانہ चेरी
Dry date dates خشک کھجور सूखी तारीख
Peach peach آڑو आडू
Sweet potato Sweet potato شکر قند शकरकंद
Melon melon خربوزہ खरबूज
Water melon watermelon تربوز तरबूज
Tangerine Tangerine سنگترہ/نارنج संतरा
Peach peach 1 آڑو आडू
Mango mango آم आम
Strawberry Straw berry اسٹرابیری/توت فرنگی स्ट्रॉबेरी
Wet date dates wet تر کھجور गीली तारीख
Tamarind Tamarind املی इमली
Fig fig انجیر अंजीर
Pomegranate Pomegranate انار अनार
Beetroot Beetroot چقندر चुकंदर
Mulberry Mulberry شہتوت शहतूत
Guava Guava امرود अमरूद
Coconut Coconut ناریل नारियल

Fruit Names and Example Sentences

1- Apple: She likes to eat an apple twice a day.

2- Guava: Her favorite fruit is guava.

3- Orange: He ate an orange on his way to work.

4- Banana: I like to eat a banana with my breakfast.

5- Grapes: Do you like grapes?

6- Pineapple: She loves pineapple cake.

7- Watermelon: It’s so hot, I need to eat a watermelon.

8- Cherry: I picked up a cherry from under the tree.

9- Strawberry: He bought a basket of strawberries at the market.

10- Kiwi: Do you have any kiwis? I would love one right now.

11- Mango: She was eating a mango when I saw her.

12- Papaya: He made a smoothie with papaya and bananas.

13- Pear: I need to buy some pears for the pie.

14- Grapefruit: Do you like grapefruit?

15- Cantaloupe: I had a cantaloupe for breakfast this morning.

16- Peach: I’m going to make a peach pie.

17- Plum: Do you want a plum?

18- Lemon: I need some lemon for this recipe.

19- Apricot: I love apricots.

20- Figs: He ate a fig on his way to work.

21- Blackberries: I need to buy some blackberries for the pie.

22- Raspberries: Do you want a raspberry?

23-Blueberries: I love blueberries.

24- Cranberries: He ate a cranberry on his way to work.

Fruits Names in English with Urdu

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