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Mispronounced Words In English
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If you’re an ESL student, there’s a good chance that at some point you’ll stumble over a word that’s hard to pronounce. To help make sure this doesn’t happen often, we’ve put together a list of 100 commonly mispronounced words in English. You can download the PDF below!

100 Mispronounced Words

Correct Pronunciation Incorrect Pronunciation
Carpal tunnel syndrome  Carpool tunnel syndrome
Film  Fillum
Library  Libary
Perspire  Prespire
Stub  Stob
Arctic  Artic
Diphtheria  Diptheria
GIF (jiff)  GIF (ghiff)
Nuclear  Nucular
Prostate  Prostrate
Tenterhooks  Tenderhooks
Antarctic  Antartic (ant-ar-tic)
Dilate (dye-late)  Dialate (dye-ah-late)
Foyer  Foy-ay
Moot  Mute
Pronunciation  Pronounciation
Tenet  Tenant
Affidavit  Affidavid
Clothes  Close
Forte (for-tay)  Fort (fort)
Miniature (min-ee-ah-ture)  Miniture (min-ih-ture)
Prescription  Perscription
Tack  Tact

Words with Correct Pronunciation

Correct Pronunciation Incorrect Pronunciation
Cacophony (ca-caw-fone-ee)  Caucaphony (caw-ca-fone-ee)
Et cetera  Excetera
Law and order  Laura Norder
Percolate  Perculate
So  Sose
Zoology (zo-ol-oh-gee)  Zuology (zu-ol-oh-gee)
A blessing in disguise  A blessing in the skies
Champ at the bit  Chomp at the bit
Foliage (foh-lee-age)  Foilage (foy-ull-age)
Mauve  Mawv
Potable  Pottable
Supposedly  Supposably
Candidate  Cannidate
February (Feb-roo-air-ee)  Febuary (Feb-you-air-ee)
Lease  Leash
Peremptory  Preemptory
Spay  Spade
Across  Acrossed
Chest of drawers  Chester drawers
For all intents and purposes  For all intensive purposes
Mayonnaise  Man-naise
Prerogative  Perogative
Supremacist  Supremist
Barbiturate  Barbituate
Escape  Excape
Jewelry (jool-ree)  Jewlery (joo-luh-ree)
Ostensibly  Ostensively
Sherbet  Sherbert
Wasn’t  Wadn’t
Australia  Ostraya
Electoral  Electorial

Common Mispronounced Words

Below are words that are mostly pronounced in a wrong way.

Correct Pronunciation Incorrect Pronunciation
Hierarchy (hi-err-ar-key)  Hi-archy
Ordnance  Ordinance
Relevant  Revelant
Verbiage (ver-bee-age)  Verbage (ver-bage)
Ask  Aks or axe
Dog-eat-dog world  Doggy dog world
Height  Heighth
Nuptial (nup-shul)  Nuptual (nup-shu-ull)
Realtor (real-tor)  Realator (real-a-tor)
Triathlon (tri-ath-lon)  Triathalon (tri-ath-a-lon)
Cardsharp  Card shark
Federal (fed-err-all)  Fedral (fed-rall)
Liable  Libel
Pernickety  Persnickety
Stamp  Stomp
Athlete, athletic  Athelete, atheletic
Drown  Drownd
Heimlich maneuver (or manoeuvre, Br.)  Heineken remover
 Often  Off ten
Regardless  Irregardless
Utmost  Upmost
Business  Bidness
Especially  Expecially
Just  Jist nor jus
Other  Nother
Silicon  Silicone
Whet  Wet
Alzheimer’s disease  Old-timer’s disease
Cornet (kor-net)  Coronet (kor-oh-net)
Founder  Flounder
Mischievous (mis-chiv-ous)  Mischevious (mis-chee-vee-ous)


Correct Pronunciation Incorrect Pronunciation
Probably  Probly, prolly
Take for granted  Take for granite
The Caucasus (caw-cah-suhs)  The Caucases (caw-cah-says)
Cavalry (cav-al-ree)  Calvary (cal-vah-ree)
Fiscal  Fisical
Masonry  Masonary
Pollute  Plute
Suite (sweet)  Suit (soot)
Cache (cash)  Cachet (cash-ay)
Espresso  Expresso
Larynx (lare-inks)  Larnyx (lare-nicks)
Parliament  Parlament
Sneaked  Snuck
Yolk  Yoke
Barbed wire  Bob wire (or barb wire)
Enclosed in parentheses (pare-en-the-sees)  Enclosed in parenthesis (pare-en-the-sis)
Interpret  Interpretate
Orient  Orientate
Respite (res-pit)  Respite (res-pite)
Voluptuous  Volumptuous


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