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100 Singular and Plural Words List in English PDF

100 Singular and Plural Words List in English
Written by English Oye

100 Singular and Plural Words List in English! English can be a tricky language to learn, especially when it comes to grammar rules. One particularly confusing area of English is the use of plurals and singulars. This list will help you to remember the most common 100 singular and plural words in English.

With these words under your belt, you’ll be speaking and writing English like a pro!

100 Singular and Plural Words List

Singular Plural
Potato Potatoes
Leg Legs
Lady Ladies
Toy Toys
Sky Skies
Inch Inches
Sister Sisters
Leaf Leaves
Singular Plural
Mango Mangoes
Gas Gasses
Dog Dogs
Chair Chairs
Knife Knives
Foot Feet
Step son Step sons
Tooth Teeth
City Cities
Bamboo Bamboos
Deer Deer
Trousers Trousers
Ox Oxen
Glass Glasses
Calf Calves
Family Families
Story Stories
Box Boxes
Person People
Son-in-law Sons-in-law
Hair Hair
Wife Wives
Copy Copies
Man Men
Leaf Leaves
Jar Jars
Bush Bushes
Dozen Dozen
Louse Lice
Mouse Mice
Ray Rays
Cry Cries
Day Days
Singular Plural
Monkey Monkeys
Hero Heroes
Singular Plural
Car Cars
Class Classes
Cat Cats
Cow Cows
Bone Bones
Cuckoo Cuckoos
Clutch Clutches
Cliff Cliffs
Proof Proofs
Chief Chiefs
News News
Man Men
Singular Plural
Loaf Loaves
Fox Foxes
Shop Shops
Scissors Scissors
Ass Asses
Child Children
Poetry Poetry
Country Countries
Essay Essays
Boy Boys
Half Halves
Horse Horses
Boy Boys
Table Tables
Buffalo Buffaloes
Hand Hands
Fly Flies
Duty Duties
Sheep Sheep
Donkey Donkeys
Mother Mothers
Uncle Uncles
Thief Thieves
Baby Babies
Army Armies
Hoof Hoofs
Woman Women
Fish Fish
Bench Benches
Life Lives
Father Fathers
Key Keys
Radio Radios
Child Children
Mouse Mice
Bird Birds
Woman Women
Watch Watches
Self Selves
Lass Lasses


100 Singular and Plural Words List in English pdf


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