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150 Core Urdu Words For Beginners and Sentences

Core Urdu Words for Beginners
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150 Core Urdu Words For Beginners and Sentences! Language learning can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! If you’re looking to learn Urdu, or are just starting out, here are 150 core words that will get you started. These words are essential for basic communication and will help you build vocabulary quickly. So don’t hesitate, start learning today!

Urdu Words English Words Sentences
تمام All This is all we got.
کے بارے میں About Tell me about your self.
بڑا Big He has a big car.
برا Bad He is a bad boy.
کتاب Book I have a book.
لانے Bring Can you bring me a glass of water?
خریدنے Buy I want to buy a new dress.
کال کریں۔ Call Can you call me a taxi, please?
شہر City I live in the city.
بند کریں Close Please close the door.
ٹھنڈا۔ Cold It’s cold today.
آؤ Come Please come here.
ملک Country I want to visit the country.
دن Day What day is it today?
کیا Do Can you do me a favor?
نیچے Down Go down the stairs, please.
ڈرائیو Drive Can you drive me to the airport?
ہر ایک Each Each student has a book.
مشرق East The sun rises in the east.
کھاؤ Eat I’m hungry. I want to eat something.
آٹھ Eight There are eight students in my class.
انگریزی English This is an English book.
گر Fall The leaves fall from the trees in autumn.
دور Far The school is far from my house.
کھیت Farm I want to visit the farm.
تیز Fast He can run fast.
باپ Father This is my father.
بھرنا Fill Can you fill this form, please?
مل Find Can you find my glasses, please?
پہلا First I want to be the first in the race.
پانچ Five I have five books.
اڑنا Fly Birds fly in the sky.
کھانا Food We need food to live.
پاؤں Foot She has small feet.
چار Four There are four seasons in a year.
دوست Friend She is my friend.
سے From I’m from Japan.
سامنے Front The garden is in front of the house.
مکمل Full The glass is full of water.
حاصل کریں۔ Get Can you get me a drink, please?
لڑکی Girl She is a girl.
دینا Give Can you give me your pen, please?
جاؤ Go Please go to the store.
اچھی Good He is a good boy.
گرائمر Grammar This book is about grammar.


Urdu Words English Words Sentences
زمین Ground The ground is wet after the rain.
گروپ Group We are in the same group.
بڑھو Grow Trees grow tall.
خوش Happy I’m happy today.
ہم آہنگی Harmony There is harmony between the two countries.
جلدی کرو Hurry Please hurry up. We’re late.
شناخت کریں۔ Identify Can you identify this plant?
کے سامنے In front of The house is in front of the school.
دلچسپی Interest I’m interested in music.
بین اقوامی International This is an international conference.
دعوت دیں۔ Invite Can you invite her to the party?
جزیرہ Island Japan is an island country.
علم Knowledge Knowledge is power.
زبان Language Language is important.
آخری Last He was the last to finish the race.
بعد میں Later I’ll do it later.
سیکھیں۔ Learn I want to learn English.
بائیں Left Turn left at the next corner.
لمبائی Length What’s the length of this table?
سبق Lesson This is a lesson about grammar.
کتب خانہ Library The library is open from 9 to 5.
روشنی Light The room is too dark. Turn on the light, please.
جیو Live I want to live in the country.
دیکھو Look Can you look at this picture, please?
کھو جانا Lose Don’t lose your temper.
لاٹ Lot There are a lot of students in the school.
بہت Many There are many trees in the park.
نقشہ Map Can I see the map, please?
معاملہ Matter It doesn’t matter.
ملاقات Meeting We have a meeting at 9 o’clock.
درمیانی Middle He is in the middle of the class.
دودھ Milk Can I have some milk, please?
منٹ Minute One minute, please.
اقدام Move Please move to the left.
موسیقی Music I like music.
فطرت Nature We should live in harmony with nature.
قریب Near The store is near my house.
ضرورت Need I need your help.
خبریں News What’s the news?
نیوز لیٹر Newsletter This is a newsletter about current events.
نو Nine I have nine brothers and sisters.
شمال North Japan is to the north of China.
ناک Nose She has a small nose.
محسوس کیا Noticed I noticed that she was watching me.
ابھی Now What time is it now?
نمبر Number My lucky number is 7.
مشاہدہ Observe Can you observe the stars tonight?
سمندر Ocean The Pacific Ocean is to the east of Japan.
کی Of This is a book of grammar.
پیشکش Offer Can I offer you a drink?
دفتر Office I work in an office.
اکثر Often I often go to the movies on weekends.
پر On The lamp is on. Please turn it off.
ایک One I have one sister.
صرف Only He is the only student who got an A on the test.
کھولیں۔ Open Can you open the door, please?
یا Or Do you want tea or coffee?
ترتیب Order Please order some pizza. I’m hungry!
دیگر Other She is the other student in my class.


Urdu Words English Words Sentences
باہر Outside It’s cold outside. Please come in.
صفحہ Page Please turn to page 5.
حصہ Part This is a part of the novel.
پارٹی Party We’re having a party tonight. Would you like to come?
پاس Pass Can you pass me the salt, please?
پیٹرن Pattern There is a pattern on the fabric.
پینسل Pencil Can I borrow your pencil?
لوگ People People are social animals.
شاید Perhaps Perhaps we can go out for coffee sometime.
تصویر Photo Can I take your photo?
جسمانی Physical I need to do some physical exercise.
تصویر Picture This is a picture of my family.
برائے مہربانی Please Please turn off your cell phone.
آبادی Population Japan has a population of over 127 million people.
پوزیشن Position What’s your position in the company?
ممکن Possible Is it possible to meet at 3 o’clock instead?
آلو Potato I like to eat potatoes.
مشق کریں۔ Practice  Practice makes perfect.
موجودہ Present Can you present your ideas, please?
خوبصورت Pretty She is pretty.
ممکنہ Probable It’s probable that he will pass the test.
مسئلہ Problem We have a problem.
خرگوش Rabbit The rabbit is white.
تیار Ready Are you ready? Let’s go.
حالیہ Recent This is a recent photo of my family.
باقاعدہ Regular I go to the gym on a regular basis.
صحیح Right Turn right at the next corner.
انگوٹھی Ring Can I borrow your ring? I need to make a phone call.
دریا River The river is flowing east.
سڑک Road Please be careful when you cross the road.
گول Round The sun is round.
قاعدہ Rule There are rules in every country.
حکمران Ruler Can I borrow your ruler? Mine is missing.
فروخت Sale This store is having a sale on shoes.
اسی Same We have the same problem.
پیمانہ Scale I need to buy a scale.
اسکول School I go to school every day.
دوسرا Second Please wait one second. I’ll be right back.
دیکھیں See Can you see that building? It’s very tall.
لگتا ہے Seem It seems like a good idea.
خود Self You should take care of yourself.
جملہ Sentence This is a sentence about grammar.
سات Seven I have seven brothers and sisters.
شکل Shape The shape of the vase is round.
بھیڑ Sheep The sheep are white.
طرف Side Which side are you on?
ٹیپ Tape Can I borrow your tape? I need to fix my glasses.
استاد Teacher My teacher is from Canada.
دس Ten I have ten fingers.
بدصورت Ugly That dog is so ugly!
یونٹ Unit This box contains 12 units.
استعمال کریں۔ Use Please use this pen. It’s new.
دیکھیں View The view from my house is very nice.
ووٹ Vote You should vote in the next election.
چلنا Walking I like to go walking in the street.


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