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20 White Flowers Names in English

20 White Flowers Names in English
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20 White Flowers Names in English

Lilium candidum is a white flower that is often used in ceremonies. The scientific name for this flower is Lily of the valley, which refers to the valley where it grows. This flower has a long history of being used in ceremonies and religious practices because of its beauty and its association with purity.


  1.       Daffodils
  2.       Camellia
  3.       Calla lily
  4.       Gerbera daisy
  5.       Daisy
  6.       Annual vinca
  7.       Annes lace
  8.       Carnations
  9.       Lily
  10.   Hibiscus
  11.   Iris
  12.   Rose
  13.   Jasmine
  14.   Cup flower
  15.   Tulips
  16.   Datura
  17.   Japanese anemone
  18.   Hydrangea
  19.   Orchid
  20.   Magnolia


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