1000 Opposite Words

200 Common opposite Words List in English PDF

200 Common opposite Words List in English PDF
Written by English Oye

200 Common opposite Words List in English PDF

The words that have exact different meanings to each other are known as the opposite words. Here is the list of 200 most common and daily used opposite words. You can use these basic vocabulary words in your routine English speaking and writing.

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Opposite Words List

200 Common opposite Words List in English

White Black
Together Separate
Oral Written
Early Late
Life Death
Allow Forbid
Wide Narrow
Near Far
Happy Sad
Big Little
Disease Health
Direct Indirect
Success Failure
Question Answer
Hope Despair
Accept Reject
Loud Quiet
Inside Outside
On Off
Push Pull
Above Below
Serious Jolly
Hide Seek
Agree Disagree
First Last
Export Import
Virtue Vice
Brave Coward
Begin End
Dark Light
Empty Full
Even Odd
East West
Honest Dishonest
Most Least
High Low
Tie Untie
Virtue Vice
Part Whole
Entrance Exit
Different Similar
Ignorance Knowledge
Lend Borrow
Live Dead
Get Give
All None
Public Private
Solid Liquid
Beautiful Ugly
Alone Together
Before After
Play Work
Junior Senior
Wrong Correct
Hard Soft
Right Wrong
Poor Rich
There Here
Sit Stand
Remember Forget
Weak Strong
Profit Loss
Dry Wet
Maximum Minimum
Freedom Slavery
Cold Hot
Buy Sell
Throw Catch
Ancient Modern
War Peace
Raise Lower
Thick Thin
Cool Warm
Fact Fiction
Independent Dependent
Natural Artificial
Win Lose
Safe Dangerous
Difficult Easy
Sweet Sour
Wake Sleep
Happy Sad
War Peace
Outdoor Indoor
Leave Stay
Victory Defeat
Float Sink
Ascent Descent
Laugh Weep
Wise Foolish
Boil Freeze
Always Never
Enter Exit
Thick Thin
Lock Unlock
Over Under
North South
Back Front
Know Guess
Add Subtract
Broad Narrow
Native Foreigner
Arrival Departure
Sweet Sour
Negative Positive
Fresh Stale
Difficult Easy
Above Below
Open Close

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