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26 Pet Birds Names In English and Urdu

26 Pet Birds Names In English and Urdu
Written by English Oye

26 Pet Birds Names In English and Urdu

There are many different types of pet birds, and each one has its own unique name. Parakeets, for example, are commonly called “budgies,” while cockatiels are often called “quakers.” Other popular pet bird names include “canaries,” “finches,” and “parrots.”

One reason that pet birds have such unique names is that they come in such a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Pet Birds Names

  1. Quail———بٹیر
  2. Cock———مرغا
  3. Peahen———مورنی
  4. Chicken———چوزہ
  5. ostrich———شتر مرغ
  6. Crane———سارس
  7. hen———مرغی
  8. King fisher———رام چڑیا
  9. Partridge———تیتر
  10. Heron———بگلا
  11. Fantail———لقا کبوتر
  12. Duck———بطخ
  13. turkey———ترکی
  14. peacock———مور
  15. bald eagle———گنجا عقاب
  16. parrot———طوطا
  17. dove———کبوتر
  18. Kite———چہل
  19. Black bird———کستوری پرندہ
  20. sparrow———چڑیا
  21. Pigeon———کبوتر
  22. hawk———باز
  23. Nightingale———بلبل
  24. rooster———مرغ
  25. Pheasant———چکور
  26. Starling———مینا


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