4 Best Examples of Reports Writing for Students

examples of report writing for students
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Report Writing in very important when learning step to learn and teach English. Students must have to be focused on the skills of report writing to learn it completely. Below are 4 Best Examples of Reports Writing.

Different Types of Report Writing

1. About something heard.

Reports regarding a public leader’s speech, a lecture at a religious gathering, a discussion at a seminar, a conference of teachers or preachers or leaders, a radio or wireless or telephone or e-mail message received from another place, a welcome or farewell speech at a party or gathering, and so on in respect of some particular purposes or terms of reference.

2. About something seen.

Reports regarding scenes of accidents, terrorist acts, floods, earthquakes or other natural disasters, visits to factories, manufacturing centers, markets, shops, construction sites, buildings, airports, seaports, bus stations, train stations, polling stations, parks, parties, dinners, luncheons, schools, colleges, universities, housing colonies, clubs, restaurants, hotels, and so on.

3. About something done.

Reports regarding bridges or roads or buildings constructed by some agencies, school, college or hospital established somewhere, performance of students or classes or groups of actors, work done by government servants in their particular capacities over a certain period of time, work performed by factory workers in different capacities, work performed by members of national or provincial assemblies in their constituencies with the funds provided to them, help provided by a government agency or private organization to flood, earthquake, train, bus, air, space, water and desert or forest accident victims and war-affected refugees, and so on.

4. About something real.

Reports about a person’s study of a certain book or research paper or findings (the results of inquiries into crimes, misdeeds, charges of corruption, acts against the state, etc.), on published government bulletins, comparative reports of national budgets of several years, exports and imports of several years, population growth and its results in different years, studies, examination results of educational institutions in different years, detailed reports and proposals for the solution of traffic or housing problems or rural uplift or military training of the youth, on the data or statistics or facts provided by different agencies regarding prices or crime or employment or health situation in different countries or areas of the world, on the military preparations of one country or more as described in books or magazines or newspapers, on the national budget or taxes as provided in official papers.

In the above cases, the reports can be accompanied by pictures, illustrations, charts, graphs, tables and indices (lists of names, subjects, references, etc. arranged at the end).

There can be very brief telephone or computer reports from one person to another at another place. 5. Report writing is essential to journalistic, commercial, industrial, administrative, educational, defense and continuous organizational purposes.

4 Examples of Reports Writing for Students

Write a periodic report on the living conditions of a katchiabadi (poor people’s colony of mud houses) from a councilor of the area to the Director-General of the Development Authority.

TO: The Director General, ABC From: The Councilor, DE Area, ABC subject: Living Conditions of the KatchiAbadi

Date: 1 November, 2021

Introduction. This is a three monthly poor people’s mud colony. It can be present and last year.


  • Roads and streets. These continue to be muddy with ditches. When it rains, it is almost impossible to use them.
  • Electricity and Sui gas supply. Most of the huts are without these facilities although applications for connections were made two years earlier.
  • Drinking water. Pure drinking water is they do not have the municipality water or the nearby canal, and so often fall ill.
  • School facilities. The area people requested the education department repeatedly during the last three years to set up at least one government primary school here. No success.
  • Medical facilities. Only one government dispensary and a doctor and one dispenser for a population of ten thousand. The doctor is often absent. Medicines are often not available.
  • Repair of huts. The roofs of many of the huts leak during the rainy season. The doors of most of the huts are broken. The residents requested the Development Authority to start repairs from its Special Building Funds for the poor. Some residents even applied for loans and help from the Bait-ul-Maal and Zakat Organization. No success except in two cases.


The living conditions of the Poor People’s Mud Colony in question lacks (is without) adequate (suitable and enough) road, electricity, Sui gas, drinking water, school and medical facilities.

Suggestions. Immediate steps should be taken to provide the above facilities suitably by the Development Authority and other agencies like the Municipal Corporation, WAPDA and WASA. The government can grant complete ownership rights to those persons who have been occupying their huts for more than fifteen years so that they might begin investing in some facilities themselves.

Signed Councilor, DE Area, ABC

2. Write a survey report from a news reporter on the sale of flour, sugar and milk in the markets of your city.

Date: 1 November, 2021

To: The Editor, “Dawn,” Lahore

From: ABC, news reporter, “Dawn,” Lahore

Subject: Report on the sale of flour, sugar and milk in the city.

Introduction: I have been called upon by your newspaper to report on the sale of flour. Sugar and milk in the city markets.

Conclusion: I visited several shops in the markets selling flour, sugar and milk and made out extensive notes.

I found flour bags at different shops selling at the current price of Rs. 30 to Rs. 35 per kilogram. Some shopkeepers sell it at higher prices when they find that the supply is not keeping pace with the demand. The government flour stores are full to capacity.

The sugar was available at Rs. 50 to Rs. 55 per kilogram. The sugar mills have kept working regularly, and imported sugar supplemented their production a great deal.

The availability of pure milk and yogurt is a great problem. People look for them, but almost always get them mixed with powder or in adulterated condition. Some milk shops sell better or purer milk, but charge higher prices. The prices of milk, thus, range between Rs. 45 to Rs. 60 per liter and of yogurt between 50 to 60 per kilogram.

Observations and suggestions: The hoarding of flour and sugar when they are in short supply causes their prices to shoot up. Their smuggling to the neighboring countries also contributes to the price rise.

It is suggested that the government maintain huge stores of wheat, flour and sugar. Further, the farmers should be helped to produce more wheat per acre. Sugarcane fields should be expanded. Sugar mills should produce more after installing new power generators.

More dairy farms can be set up close to the cities for greater milk, butter and cheese production. The quality of the carton milk supplied by factories can be the improved through regular checking.

There is the urgent need to arrange meaning between the government food department, shopkeepers or citizen bodies or association. The regular available of the quality floor, sugar and milk at all shops at the right prices should be made certain.

Signed News reporter……..

3. Write a report on the facilities for the traveling public at the railway station of your city from the secretary, Railway Workers’ Union to the Report General Manager, Pakistan Railways.

November, 2021

To: The General Manager, Pakistan Railways, ABC

From: XYZ, Secretary, Railway Workers’ Union, ABC

Subject: Facilities for the Travelling Public at the Railway Station of ABC

Introduction: This report is periodically submitted by our Union to the General Manager, every third month. Its purpose is to have the facilities improved and increased for the public to win their goodwill for the railway.

Report: Sitting facilities. The benches provided for the travelers are not enough with the result that the waiting passengers have to keep standing for most of the time. Then the available benches are far from comfortable.

Waiting rooms: Except for the waiting room for AC passengers all the other waiting rooms have substandard furniture, fans, and bathrooms. Almost all the waiting rooms are dirty and without proper attendants.

Restaurants and stalls (open shops): The food, soft drinks and tea provided here is generally of a poor quality. If at all some fine food is available, it is highly expensive.

Fans and lighting arrangements: Now more fans that before are to be found at the main points. But more are needed. Lighting arrangements are more adequate (suitable, enough) than before

Drinking water: Cold water from automatic cooling plants is available at the ABC and other stations now.

Newspaper stands: Most newspapers, magazines and light literature in Urdu and English is available at newsstands.

Conclusion: The facilities at the ABC train station are, as a whole, not very adequate. The passengers are often not at ease and comfortable.

The railway station of ABC should be provided all the facilities that are available at the stations of the developed countries. The Station, as a whole, should be as clean as possible. The lower-class waiting rooms should have better and more comfortable furniture and bathrooms. To attract more passengers and to make train travel more attractive than bus travel and even car travel we should provide the maximum comfort to passengers inside and outside the trains.

Signed XYZ

Secretary, Railway Workers’ Union

4. Write a brief survey report on beggars and begging in the Main Bazaar of your city from a newspaper reporter to the Director-General, Social Welfare Department Islamabad.

Date: 15th December, 2011

To: The Director-General, Social Welfare Department, Islamabad

From: XYZ, Staff Reporter, “The Nation,” Lahore

Subject: Beggars and Begging in the Main Bazaar of city ABC

Introduction: I was asked by the Director-General, Social Welfare Department of the government of Pakistan, to report on the beggars found begging in the Main Bazaar of this city. This assignment was designed to categorize the beggars and to suggest how the social evil of begging can be eradicated (eliminated or put an end to).

Report: The situation regarding beggars and begging in the Main City Bazaar is as follows:

There are three categories of beggars in this overcrowded market:

1. Able-bodied male and female beggars.

They are of the age of 40 onwards found begging in the name of religion and humanity. They sometimes recite verses of the Holy Quran and religious verses (devotional songs). God-fearing people give alms instead of asking these beggars to work.

2.  Invalid male and female beggars.

These are the beggars who mostly have broken their arms or legs themselves or their keepers have done this. They sit on carts pulled by their able-bodied companions or walk on crutches (sticks of wood, etc.) or crawl or just sit on the road-side with a piece of cloth stretched before them. Passersby pay such beggars liberally. Outside mosques worshippers pay them the most.

3. Child beggars.

There are thousands of small boys and girls begging from car drivers, motorcyclists and pedestrians. They are seen shamelessly coming close to tired people asking for alms time and again.


From my observation of beggars and begging, I conclude that begging is more of an art to befool ordinary people.


The radio, TV and newspapers should start a campaign against begging and explain how beggars can work profitably in different fields. Disabled beggars should be lodged in special institutions where some kind of work like knitting and sewing can be provided to them.

Signed XYZ

Staff Reporter

“The News” Islamabad

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