50 English Sentences Used in Daily Life Pdf

Sentences Used in Daily Life
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50 English Sentences Used in Daily Life are important for everyone learning English. These frequently used sentences will help you improve your fluency and understanding of spoken English. Download it now and start using these sentences in your own conversations!

50 English Sentences Used in Daily Life

  1. Please talk more slowly.
  2. He’ll be there in the space.
  3. Please don’t bother me.
  4. It’s been a while.
  5. He has a feeling.
  6. No matter what,
  7. Be at ease.
  8. He has attended classes.
  9. Come on,
  10. Be careful!
  11. He is referred to as a teacher.
  12. Nothing matters
  13. How repulsive!
  14. I’m glad to have you here.
  15. That is absurd!
  16. He must be worn out.
  17. Don’t assume I’m as foolish as you.
  18. What a shame!
  19. Leave now
  20. Good job, dear
  21. He is quite frugal.
  22. Avoid doing this.
  23. I’m stuffed.
  24. Sip some tea.
  25. My hair is being chopped.
  26. Do you ever…
  27. Are you all married?
  28. Is all of it yours?
  29. He never tells lies.
  30. As you wish
  31. You’re very rude!
  32. Forgive me.
  33. I’ll do my absolute best.
  34. He never stops telling lies.
  35. Do you exist?
  36. I’m working on my tasks.
  37. You should go.
  38. You are so sweet to apologise for the inconvenience.
  39. He visited the market.
  40. Do you have any cash?
  41. Wonderful!
  42. He observed a thief running.
  43. Never wink.
  44. How long will it take?
  45. Go up
  46. I’m heading to the workplace.
  47. Have you been to Vinod’s house before?
  48. There are some books on the table.
  49. Go to school.
  50. He is enjoying with kids.

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