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50 Islamic Vocabulary Words with Urdu Meanings

50 Islamic Vocabulary Words with Urdu Meanings
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50 Islamic Vocabulary Words with Urdu Meanings

Here is the list of 50 Islamic vocabulary words that are very useful when we want to preach Islam or want to ask someone about the Islamic religious things. This lesson is very useful for all the beginners and fluent English speakers. Because sometimes we want to discuss something about Islam in English but we have lack of Islamic vocabulary words and we skip that discussion. If you learn these words you will not need to skip that important discussion. Rather you can speak more confidently.

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Islamic Vocabulary Words with Urdu Meanings

Islamic Vocabulary Words with Urdu Meanings 2

Sinful -گناہگار Observe fast- روزہ رکھنا
Rosary / Chaplet -تسبیح Say creed -کلمہ پڑھنا
Vigil – تہجد Evening prayer -عصر نماز
Get elbow wet -ہاتھوں کا مسح کرنا Doomsday – قیامت کا دن
Make ablution- وضو بنانا Say Salam -سلام کہنا
Sacrifice – قربانی،صدقہ Do mercy -رحم کرنا
Abstain – پرہیز کرنا Breakfast  – روزہ توڑنا
False imputation – بہتان Mercy- رحم
Sin- گناہ Funeral – جنازہ
Condole- ہمدردی/ تعزیت Apostate – بے دین
Noon prayer -ظہرنماز Patience -صبر
Intend -نیت کرنا / ارادہ کرنا Dawn prayer – فجر نماز
Bury / inter – دفن کرنا Forgo fast -روزہ چھوڑنا
Miracle – معجزہ Optional prayer – نفل نماز
Prostrate- سجدہ کرنا Get hair wet- سر کا مسح کرنا
Ablution- وضو Missionary – تبلیغی جماعت
Prostration – سجدہ Rinse out- کلی کرنا
Accusation – الزام Alms – خیرات
Penitence -توبہ Have fast – روزہ رکھنا
Commit sin – گناہ کرنا Adore – پوجنا
Intention- نیت / ارادہ Atheist- منکر
Genuflect -رکوع کرنا Recitation – تلاوت
Abort fast- روزہ کھولنا Dusk prayer -مغرب نماز
Prayer mat/ Prayer rug – جائے نماز Believer – مومن
Pilgrimage – حج/ یاترا Night prayer- عشاء نماز
Absolution – مغفرت Seclusion – اعتکاف
Call out azan -اذان کہنا / ہونا Firmness – استقامت
Obligatory prayer – فرض نماز Worship -عبادت کرنا


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