7 Short Stories with Moral for Kids in English PDF

Short Stories with Moral for Kids
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Short Stories with Moral for Kids PDF! Stories are very important to practice English speaking and writing. These interesting moral stories will inspire your kid and help him learn new things. We are continuously working on providing good essays and stories for classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.

It is very important for kids to read and write stories. Not only does it improve their language skills, but also helps them learn about different cultures and values. Reading and writing stories also help children develop their imagination and creativity.

While learning English, kids can also get to know about different concepts and expand their vocabulary. So, reading and writing stories is a great way to improve language skills as well as knowledge.

Here are 7 short inspiring moral stores for kids:

Hungry Fox

Once there was a fox. He was very hungry. He went here and there but could not find anything to eat. At last, he came to a garden.

There were grapes hanging from a vine, He jumped up again and again to get the grapes but all in vain. He was very tired. At last, he went away from the garden saying, “The grapes are sour”

Moral: Grapes are sour.

The greedy dog

Once there was a dog. He was very hungry. He had stolen a piece of meat from a butcher’s shop and ran away. He had to cross a stream. While crossing the bridge, he looked down into the water. He saw his own reflection in the water. He thought that there was another dog with a piece of meat in the water. He opened his mouth to snatch that piece of meat. As soon as he opened his mouth his piece of meat fell into the stream.

Moral: Greed is curse.

The thirsty Crow

Once there was a crow. He was very thirsty. He flew here and there in search of water but he found no water. At last, he went to a garden. There he saw a pitcher. The water in the pitcher was very low. He could not drink it. He saw it here and there. He saw some small stones in the garden. He flew and put that pieces of stones in the pitcher. The water rose up. He drank it and flew away. Moral: God helps those who help themselves.

Moral: Necessity is the mother of invention.

Short Stories With Moral 1

A Farmer and his Sons

Once a farmer had three sons. They were very crazy. They always quarrel with each other. They hate each other and no one sees the other. The farmer was very worried about his sons. One day farmer fell seriously ill. He made a plan to teach his son a lesson, before his last breath. He called all of his sons and ask them to collect wooden sticks from the jungle. When they bring some sticks, he asked them to tie all the sticks into a bundle. Later he asked them to break the stick. They all tried their best but no one could break the bundle. Later he asked them to untie the sticks and break the sticks one by one. This was very easy for them and all of them did it well. From this incident farmer teach his kids a lesson, he said: “look you can’t break sticks in a bundle because they were united, the same thing applies to humans, and if you are united no one can defeat you ever.” This had a deep effect on the farmer’s sons and they stop quarreling.

Moral: United we stand and divided we fall.

A Villager and a Donkey

Once a villager had a donkey. He used his donkey to transport salt in the city market. One day he loaded the donkey with salt and moved toward the market. On the way to the market, there was a stream of water. When the donkey pass through the stream of water he slipped due to the slippery surface and fell down. Most of the salt becomes dissolved in the stream water and the donkey felt light. The clever donkey was a good way to make the load light. The next day he again slipped down and lessen his weight. Villager was also a sharp person, he knew his donkey well. The next day he loaded the donkey with the bale of cotton. When the donkey played the same trick, bales of cotton become heavier and in this way, villagers taught the donkey a lesson of never cheating his master.

Moral: Never cheat your master.

Two Friends Passing by a Jungle

Once upon a time, there were two friends from childhood. Both of them were jobless and they decided to go to the city to find out a job for them. On the way to the city, there was a thick jungle full of animals. Suddenly they saw a big bear coming towards them. One of the friends knew how to climb up the tree and the other could not climb a tree. Another friend has heard that bears could not eat dead’s. So he lay down on the ground and stop his breath. Bear came to him and smelled him. Bear left him and go away. When the bear passed away the other friend on the tree came down and ask his friend, “What did the bear say into your ear.” He replied, “Bear advised me not to never trust a selfish friend.” After saying this to him he left away.

Moral: Never trust a selfish friend.

Crane and a Wolf

Once there lived a wolf in the jungle. One day he was very hungry and was eating his meal. Due to hunger, he was eating big pieces of flesh. Suddenly a piece of bone got stuck in the throat of the wolf. It was quite hurting so he decided to get help from a crane. He ran quickly towards the crane and asked him to help. At first, the crane was afraid the crazy wolf should bite off his head. But he decided to help him. He put his long beak into the throat of the wolf and pulled the bone out. Later he demanded a reward. The clever wolf said is it not a reward that I had not bitten off your head?

Moral: Might is right

Short Stories for Kids (Pictures)

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