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A, An, The, No Article Exercises with Rules and Examples

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A, An, The, No Article Exercises with Rules and Examples! Articles are the basic term of English grammar. there are two type of articles. Definite article(the), and indefinite article(a, an). Below are some rules related articles.

  1. Many students were seen going to university in morning. Corrected: Many students were seen going to the university in the morning.
  2. They showed honesty. No article is needed as “honesty” is an uncountable or its plural cannot be had. (It is an abstract noun.)
  3. Please bring me butter and milk. No article is needed as “butter” and “milk” are nouns that cannot be counted (or which are material nouns). But there are several nouns that are material or concrete at one place but common countable (nouns) at another.
  4. Power without honor is like body without proper clothes. Corrected: Power without honor is like a body without proper clothes.
  • Iron (a metal-material noun, uncountable)
  • iron (an instrument for pressing clothes-common noun, countable)
  • Idiocy (abstract noun-the state of being very foolish, uncountable) Her idiocy stands in the way of her progress.
  • Idiocy (an act of stupidity, countable). It is an idiocy on your part to resign this job. The idiocies of our leaders are visible in the failure of their policies or the poor condition of the country.
  • Success (abstract noun-the achieving of something, uncountable). Nothing succeeds like success.
  • Success (something having a good result, countable). Our successes are many indeed.


We can use the indefinite article (a or an) before an abstract noun when we can have its plural.

  • a lie, a pleasure, a joy

The joys of childhood can never be forgotten.


We do not place any article before “home” in phrases like at home and no preposition before home, go home, went home, etc. So, no article is needed before places that we visit or work in regularly.

  • Father has gone to market.


“News” is plural in form but is used in singular constructions.

  • What is the latest news? Is it good news? However, can say pieces, bits, items, fragments of news.

A, An, The, No Article Exercises

Fill in the blanks with a, an, the, & no:

  1. ——— milk I drank yesterday was sour.
  2. Let us go for ——— swim in ——— sea.
  3. Agha Hasher is —————— Shakespeare of Urdu.
  4. ——— cow is grazing in —————— field.
  5. I have taken ——— milk, but I am still hungry.
  6. Let us go to —————— club.
  7. Gold is —————— precious metal.
  8. ——— wisdom and ——— ability you have none.
  9. —————— fate of a nation is written in ——— blood.
  10. You need to eat ——— vegetables, you are so weak.
  11. ——— people of our country need —————— modern education and ——— professional training.
  12. ——— companion and ——— interesting book is all that I need in ——— forest where I shall stay.
  13. ——— hydrogen bomb is most dangerous.
  14. Why is —————— driver driving ——— bus so fast? I have empty discussions on ——— TV or in ——— press, never seen such ——— driver.
  15. I am in ——— favour of ——— true democracy.
  16. —– progress and ——— advancement is what country needs.
  17. ——— people of ——— Kashmir want to exercise right to vote.
  18. ——— corruption should be crushed together with – corrupt.
  19. Those desirous of ——— fame should follow religion.
  20. We are going to teach you ——— book which scholars of ——- country have praised.
  21. ——— country fights ——— war well when her ——— industry and —————— agriculture are in ——— good shape.
  22. We play ——— hockey in ——— afternoon.
  23. I need —————— support of ——— friends.
  24. We play ——— game in ——— afternoon.
  25. It is ——— pleasure that you have agreed to sing song.
  26. We waited for ——— reply to ——— message.
  27. Rulers of ——— country should be above corruption
  28. —————— God is great.
  29. ——— stitch in time saves nine.
  30. ——— company maintains ——— hourly bus service.
  31. Buy me ——— pen.
  32. I need ——— umbrella.
  33. Most of —————— people I know have motor-cars.
  34. —————— Ravi is not ——— longest river of Pakistan.
  35. The dustman comes only once ——— week.
  36. Karachi is——— largest city of Pakistan.
  37. —————— God is great.
  38. ——— stitch (G) in time saves nine.
  39. ——— company maintains ——— hourly bus service.
  40. Buy me ——— pen.
  41. I need ——— umbrella.
  42. Most of —————— people I know have motor-cars.
  43. —————— Ravi is not ——— longest river of Pakistan.
  44. The dustman comes only once ——— week.
  45. Karachi is——— largest city of Pakistan
  46. ——— bravery and .——— boldness are great qualities.
  47. We should eat ——— fruit to improve our health.
  48. Does she like to play with toys in ——— evening?
  49. She is at ——— home.
  50. Let us buy —————— oranges before going home. (any oranges, so “the” can’t be used.)
  51. —————— poet Ghalib wrote fine letters. (The poet Ghalib. “The” is placed with a countable noun followed by a proper noun: the scientist Newton: the
  52. What is ——— news today? Is ——— news good?
  53. We bought ——— bag of sugar and ——— bag of flour from —————— bazaar.
  54. What ——— beautiful night!
  55. We played ——— game in ——— afternoon.
  56. There we faced ——— strange trouble. (It admits of “a” ——— something that troubled.)
  57. I am sorry I put you to ——— trouble.
  58. ———orange is good for the health.
  59. ——— Player Imran; the great teacher Sir Syed.
  60. ——— cat is —————— domestic (of the home) animal.
  61. Mighty fighter Qasim; ——— great scientist Qadeer.
  62. I understand ——— Euclidean principle as easily
  63. It is surely ——— good news. as ————————— arithmetical problem.
  64. I had ——— idea that ——— person who had to open —-
  65. She bought ——— watch, and then went to ——— station.
  66. ——— more you work, ——— better will be your result.
  67. Give me —————— milk in ——— glass.
  68. hour ago we met in ——— hotel.
  69. For me ——— hardest subject is Mathematics.
  70. ——— horse is ——— fast-running animal.
  71. —————— history and ——— geography are ——— easiest.
  72. Firdausi wrote ——— Shah Nama Book.
  73. – school she goes to is near ——— hospital.
  74. I am ——— author; he is ——— student.
  75. She loves us like ——— mother and guides us like.
  76. —————— students present here are all my friends able teacher.
  77. Is he ——— lawyer or ——— engineer?
  78. Faisalabad is as important ——— city as Lahore
  79. We shall be staying here for ——— day or two or Karachi.
  80. It is ——— best film of ——— year.
  81. You attend to —————— least important matters.

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