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A to Z English Alphabet Sounds in Urdu

A to Z English Alphabet Sounds in Urdu
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A to Z English Alphabet Sounds in Urdu

Here is the list of a to z alphabets sounds of in Urdu. These sounds will help you to improve your English pronunciation. All the alphabets are explained with their example words. This lesson is very useful for kids. As we know that there is specific pronunciation of an alphabet in English here all the pronunciation are explained in an easy and accurate ways that will help you a lot.

A to Z English Alphabet Sounds in Urdu with examples

Letter Sound of Letter Examples
A ا-آ-ع Although, accept, all
B ب Brand, ball
C ک۔س Cat, canon, call
D د ۔ ڈ Do, done, doll
E ٰٰی۔ّ Evolve, east, enter
F ف Fog, fall, few
G گ۔ج Glory, good, garden
H ح۔ہ۔ھ High, huge, human
I ا۔ی۔ع Low, less, light
J ج Jogging, jug, juice
K ک Kitten, king
L ل Love, lust, less
M م Mom, monitor, massive
N ن Now, new, novel
O ع۔و۔او Owl, out, offer
P پ Pet, power, post
Q ق Quest, quack
R ر۔ ڑ Rat, rude
S ژ۔ ص ۔ س Sink, stable
T ط ۔ ٹ ۔ ت Tease, terminate, tell
U ع ۔ یو ۔ ا Unique, universal,
V و Vest, vine, van
W و West, wait, whether
X ک ۔ س۔ایکس xoxo, xylophone
Y ی ۔ ئ Yups, yawn,
Z ظ ۔ ض ۔ ز ۔ ذ Zest, zellious



Compound Alphabets

What are compound alphabets?

The combination of two or more alphabets is called compound alphabets. Some common and widely used alphabets are explained with their correct pronunciation. This lesson will help you to speak English much fluently and accurately.

compound alphabets sounds



تھ Thief
PH پھ Phone
CH چ charm
KH خ Khalifa
DH دھ dhak
SH ش shrine
GH گھ Ghar


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