Adjective and its types with examples pdf

Adjective and its types with examples pdf – Kinds of adjective

Adjective and its types with examples pdf. All the types of adjective are explained with definitions and examples. Moreover you can download pdf of this complete lesson.

Adjective and its types

What is an adjective?

A word or phrase that qualifies then noun or pronoun. It is a word naming an attribute and it modify the meaning of noun or pronoun and describe it.

What are 10 types of adjective?

The adjective has following 10 types.

  1. Proper adjectives
  2. Adjectives of quantity
  3. Adjectives of quality
  4. Numerical adjectives
  5. Demonstrative adjectives
  6. Distributive adjectives
  7. Interrogative adjectives
  8. Possessive adjectives
  9. Emphasizing adjectives
  10. Exclamatory adjectives

Types of Adjectives

  1. Proper adjectives

The adjective which is formed from a proper noun is known as the proper adjective. A few proper adjectives are given there

Example: Chinese, Pakistani, Indian etc.

  • Chinese are a great nation they work hard.
  • Pakistani army is the most intelligent and mastermind army.
  • Indians are well known for their film industry.

what is proper adjective with examples

  1. Adjectives of quantity

The adjective which tells us about the quantity of a thing is called adjective of quantity. Some common adjectives of quantity are

Example: Some, much, more, a little, enough, sufficient etc.

  • Some people were waiting for you impatiently.
  • More than 20000 students appeared in the competitive exam.
  • I have enough money to live a luxurious life.
  • I don’t think his qualifications are sufficient for this job.
  • A little difference of hard work can lead you to success.
  • Thank you so much for this kind favor.
  1. Adjectives of quality

The adjective which denotes quality, weakness or state of a person or a thing is called adjective of quality.

Example: Good, Beautiful, Handsome, Charming, Attractive, Hot, Captivating etc.

  • He is a good boy.
  • It is a beautiful flower.
  • I met a handsome guy he was waiting for his wife.
  • Her friend is very charming and nice.
  • Her looks cast a attractive spell.
  • The tea pot was very hot.
  • The natural beauty of Kashmir is captivating.
  1. Numerical adjectives

The adjective is known as numerical adjective which denotes number of persons or things.

Example: One, two, some, any, several.

There are further two types of numerical adjectives.

i) Definite numeral adjectives

The cardinals and ordinals are known as definite adjectives.

Cardinals: One, two, three, four etc.

Ordinals: First, second, third, fourth etc.

ii) Indefinite numeral adjectives

  • All, some, any, many, several are considered indefinite numeral adjectives.
  • I have two cars and one motorcycle.
  • Our hand has five fingers.
  • All men must die.
  • Some of them were present in the meeting.
  • Many shops are closed due to strike.
  1. Demonstrative adjectives

It points out what person o thing is meant. The demonstrative pronouns are used as the demonstrative adjectives.

Example: This, that, those, these, such etc.

  • This is the toy that I bought for you last year.
  • Those days are memorable I can’t forget those moments.
  • These trees are loaded by the fruits like snow covering the mountains.
  • Such ups and downs are the part of our life.
  • That place is worth seeing. We should visit it.

Adjectives of quantity with examples and pdf Adjectives of quality with examples and pdf numerical adjectives with examples demonstrative adjectives

  1. Distributive adjectives

This adjective is used to denote a thing or a person separately.

Example: Each, every, either, neither, everyone, anyone etc.

  • Every word of the Holy Quran is truth.
  • Each student want to get full marks but only few get.
  • Anyone can apply for that vacant space.
  • Either he or his brother will go to visit desert festival.
  • Neither she nor her mother can live with their husbands.
  1. Interrogative adjectives

The interrogative adjective is used before a noun to ask questions.

Example: What, who, whose, which etc.

  • Who was knocking at the door?
  • What thing do you like the most?
  • Which is the city of her mother and father?
  1. Possessive adjectives

This adjective denotes the possession of a thing or place.

Example: My, our, your, his, her, their, its.

  • My old car was not in good condition.
  • Our dream is to make records in Olympics.
  • His father deceived when he was a child.
  • Her boyfriend cheated and she killed him.
  • Their company is striving for its survival.
  • The desert of Pakistan has its own beauty.
  1. Emphasising adjectives

The emphasizing adjective denotes the stress on a noun.

Example: Very, only

  • She is the only heir to this property.
  • Idleness is the very reason of his failure.
  1. Exclamatory adjectives

What and how are known as exclamatory adjectives.

Example: what, how,

  • What a lovely scene of nature!
  • How pretty the girl is!

Distributive adjectives interrogative adjectives possessive adjectives emphasizing adjectives Exclamatory adjectives

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