Alphabetical List of 200 most common Phrasal Verbs with meanings

Most Common Phrasal Verbs List
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Most Common Phrasal Verbs List | Alphabetical List of 200 Phrasal Verbs

What are Phrasal verbs? The verbs that are used to define some kind of actions are known as the phrasal verbs. Here is the list of some most common and useful phrasal verbs that are very useful in our daily routine communication. Most of the phrasal verbs consists two words like one of them is verb and the other is adverb.

If you really want to improve your English grammar then these phrasal verbs will help you to improve your grammar and vocabulary.

List of Phrasal Verbs

Alphabetical List of 200 most common Phrasal Verbs

100 most common phrasal verbs list with meaning

Phrase Meaning Sentence
Put on Wear something PUT ON your new coat
Pay for Give money to buy He PAID handsome amount FOR this bag.
Catch up Improve and reach same standard as other people You need to CATCH UP with me.
Take Over To take control He TOOK OVER my laptop.
Hand out Give something to a person in group Examiner HANDED OUT the papers.
Drop Out Stop Going to Job Before it is Finished He DROPPED OUT of the job.
Take off Remove something TAKE OFF your shirt.
Read up on Study or learn something by reading I need to READ UP ON English.
Knuckle Down Start working harder KNUCKLE DOWN for the exams.
Try out Test something We are going to TRY OUT new food.
Burn out Extremely tired Today’s work BURNED me OUT
Copy out Write something same again He COPIED OUT my assignment.
Try on Try something new to wear Tahir TRIED ON new shoes to check if they fit
Be into Interested in something Are you INTO poetry?
Take on Hire someone We are TAKING ON a new teacher for school.
Turn down To refuse/deny She TURNED DOWN my proposal.
Call off Cancel He CALLED OFF his plan.
Line Up To be in a line They QUEUED/LINED UP for flour
Go Over Check Something Could you please GO OVER my thesis?
Shop Around Comparing prices before shopping I saw them SHOPPING AROUND for new shoes
Knock off To stop work They KNOCKED OFF at 8’o clock.
Hand in/Turn in Give your finished work to someone I HANDED IN/TURNED IN my essay.
Fell Behind Make less progress Ahmad is FALLING BEHIND with his school work
Take up Start doing a new activity Ayesha has TAKEN UP Yoga.
Sell out Sell Everything He SOLD OUT first issue of my book.


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