Animals and their Babies Names in English PDF and Pictures

Animals their Babies Names
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Looking for a list of animals and their babies names in English? Look no further! This handy list includes pictures of baby animals with their corresponding names. Whether you’re looking to learn more about animal babies or just need help naming your own pet, this guide is sure to come in handy.

20 Animals and their Babies Names

1- lion and cub

2- elephant and calf

3- zebra and foal

4- giraffe and calf

5- ostrich and chick

6- kangaroo and joey

7- koala and cub

8- lemur and infant

9- turtle and hatchling

10- chimpanzee and infant

11- jaguar and cub

12- bear and cub

13- crocodile and hatchling

14- snake and hatchling

15- lizard and hatchling

16- frog and tadpole

17- toad and tadpole

18- salmon and fry

19- trout and fry

20- whale and calf

Animals and their Babies Names in English

Animal Name Baby Name
Parrots Chick
Gorilla Infant
Bats Pups
Reindeer Calves
Cattle Heifer
Wolf Pup
Rhinoceros(Bull) Calf
Horse Foal
Owl (Coco) Owlet
DUCK Duckling
Rat Kitten
Hippopotas (Bull) Calf
Ass Foal
Insect Nymphs, Larvae, Pupae
Rabbit Bunny
Duck(Drake) Duckling
Sheep Lamb
Whales Calf
Goose Gosling
Swine Piglet
Lion Cub
Fish Juvenile Fish
Whale Calf
Zebra(Stallion) Foal
Peacock Peachicks
Leopard Cub
Koala(Buck) Joeys
Dolphin(Bull) Calves
Crocodile Hatchling
Frog Polliwog, Tadpole, Froglet
Elephant Calf
Deer Fawn
HARE Leveret
Cattle Calf
eagle eaglets
Sheep Lamb
Cheeta Cub
Wombat Joey
Snake (Nag) Snakelet, Neonate, Hatchling Snake
Monkey Infant
Mole(Boars) Pups
Fox(Tod’s Or Reynard’s) Cubs
Raccoon(Boar) Kits
Swan Cygnet
Cat Kitten
Tiger Cub
Chipmunk Kits
Chicken Chick
Hedgehog(Boars) Hoglets
Squirrels(Boars) Pup, Kit, Kitten
Bear Cub
Monkey Infants
Otters(Boars) Pups Or Kittens
Fox Cub
Crabs(Jimmy) Zoea
Giraffe Calves
Turtles Hatchlings
Dog Pup


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