Powerful Apps to Learn English Vocabulary

10 Powerful Apps to Learn English Vocabulary

Powerful Apps to Learn English Vocabulary! English learning is not a big game and by using innovative technology you can make it even easier for you. You have to select the best app from one of them and just schedule your two hours daily for learning from this app. That’s all, just give some time to an app to make you smart and fluent in English.

Innovative Language Learning – WordPower

This app is both in the paid and free versions. Basically, it is app-based in the United States by innovative language learning, that offers 100 top phrases and vocabulary words in its free version along with audio lessons. You have to update the app to learn more words and phrases.

The best thing about this app is a voice recorder to improve your pronunciation.

Although it’s a paid app you can test it by using its free version later you can switch to the paid version if you like this app. You can download this app from the google play store.

Learn English with Johnny by British Council

It is a free app with a bunch of free quizzes. It is a quiz app and if you are looking for a quiz app then this will be one of the best apps for you. They provided a time frame of 60 seconds, and you have to answer questions (as many as you can).

Basically, the British council is continuously working to provide great apps and you can search for many more apps from British councils.

This quiz app is just like a game, you have to log in and create your account. Every quiz results in a passing score and you can compete with the other students using the app and attempting quizzes.

Same like other powerful apps it has three levels of difficulty, easy, medium, and hard one. You have to select a level before the quiz starts. It is free to use the challenging app and I recommend you to must use this app if you are a quiz lover.

ABA English – English with Videos

ABA English is the best app to learn English with fun. It helps you learn new words and phrases daily. They have a useful collection of comprehension and pronunciation.

Basically, this app is totally different from all the other apps. They have a unique method of teaching English. First, you have to watch a video lesson, that helps in improving listening and comprehension later you have to study dialogue and at the end, they work on your speaking. You have to take the role of one character from the dialogue and speak with the app. This app is best in its paid subscription but you can also try its free version available on the play store.

Bravolol – Phrases & Vocabulary Words

Bravolol is not a free app you have to pay to use this app. It is the best app to learn English if you are a beginner. They have a collection of 800 vocabulary words and useful phrases, that is every inch suitable for a beginner.

Using this app you can also practice your English speaking and listening skills. They have a speaking parrot to teach its user.


Duolingo is a very powerful android app, it helps in learning English fast and easily. Duolingo allows you to learn English by providing you speaking, reading, and a listening environment.

It has a bunch of vocabulary related to different fields of English and has a bundle of grammar lessons to learn.  It will give you 7 words based on different topics.

It has very simple lessons with exercises, like matching words with relative pictures, translation a sentence into selected language and identify grammar definitions, etc.

Moreover, this app has a very user-friendly interface and is free to download and use.

Vocabulary Builder from Magoosh

Mangoosh is a well know platform and they provide hundreds of different quality courses for IELTS and FPSC, etc.

The developer of mangoosh also developed an app containing 1200 core English vocabulary words. These are not just the list of words, they have provided explaining of every vocabulary word and example sentence.

They have divided their vocabulary into three basic to advance levels and so you have to pass through each level to become an expert. This app is just for vocabulary purposes and if you are looking for a grammar application, this will not help. But if vocabulary building is your concern you can download this app for free from google play store.

Below are best apps to learn vocabulary:

Apps to Learn English Vocabulary

SoeakingPal – Speak English

SpeakingPal is a free to download app, but you have to pay if some of its content. How this app work is amazing and interesting. This app has advanced speech recognition technology and by using its advanced technology it can recognize the mistakes in your pronunciation and can help you improve it.

This app also has some easy to understand lessons. But you have to pay for these lessons, they are not free. You can download this app from the google play store.


Memrise is an excellent app for learning English vocabulary and grammar. Their vocabulary lessons are excellently constructed and every word has a meaning.

This app has a humorous tone, it helps you in remembering the meaning of different vocabulary words.

They also have some paid courses in grammar and IELTS preparation. But these courses are not free you have to pay separately for them


Cambly is the most professional app to learn English. It just does not leave you alone like others. They have very qualified native English-speaking tutors. You have to talk to your teacher one-on-one, and this is highly effective in practicing pronunciation and also working on your listening skills.

Another best feature of this app is that you can record your conversation with native English-speaking tutors and watch them again and again.

If you are a pure beginner and know nothing about English then this app is not much support for you because they cost a lot. This is the best app for intermediate to advanced English learners, looking to improve their listening skills and pronunciations.

You can download this app for free from google play but to use it you have to pay for its subscription.

Rosetta Stone

This app is easily available on the google play store. This app is quite friendly and best for beginners. At the very basic level, they provide you with some very basic vocabulary words along with pictures, and moving to a bit advanced level you have to make phrases with those words that you have just learned.

The question arises here is how to use these apps?

How to use vocabulary apps