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Beautiful Flowers Names And Pictures in English and Urdu

Beautiful Flowers Names And Pictures
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Beautiful Flowers Names And Pictures in English and Urdu

Some of the more popular flowers include the rose, lily, orchid, and daisy. Roses are known for their beautiful petals and strong fragrance. Lilies are often associated with purity and innocence, while orchids are prized for their intricate designs and delicate beauty. Daisies are cheerful flowers that are often used to represent innocence and simplicity.

The following is a list of some beautiful flowers names and their corresponding pictures in English and Urdu.


Arabian Jasmine عرب چنبیلی
Lotus کنول
Jasmine چنبیلی
Lilac گل یاس
Daisy گل بہار
Dandelion گل قاصدی
Buttercups گل اشرفی
Lady of the Night رات کی رانی
Sweet violet بنفشہ
Blue Water Lily نیل کمل
Tulip گل لالہ
Cobra Saffron حننل
Bluebell جنگلی سنبل
Periwinkle رتن جوت
Cannabis بھنگ
Rose گلاب
Saffron زعفرا ن
Golden Champa سنہری چمپا
Oleander کنیر گل
Daffodil نرگس آبی
Marigold گیندا
Cockscomb گل کلغی
Datura دھتوره
Calendula گیندا پھول
Sunflower سورج مکھی
Primrose بسنتی گلاب
Lily سوسن
Dahlia دہلیہ
China Rose چینی گلاب


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