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20 Birds Names List in English and Urdu with Pictures

bird names in urdu and english
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20 Birds Names List in English and Urdu with Pictures! Is it a dog, a cat, or a bird that you prefer? We at Rover would prefer all three, and we’re not the only ones. The bird is one of the most popular pets in America, behind dogs and cats. Bird names, in our opinion as pet name specialists at Rover, require greater attention. We compared top picks for furry pals to top picks for birds using our massive database of pet names. There are plenty of suggestions for boy and girl bird names, as well as names for parakeets, lovebirds, macaws, and other birds.

Birds Vocabulary List in Urdu with Meanings and PDF Learn basic vocabulary regarding birds, including definitions and translations in Urdu. The lesson is simplified by pictorial elaboration, which is especially beneficial to beginners.
There is only one basic secret to learning English: expand your vocabulary as much as possible.

The more words you have in your head, the more confidently you can speak English by using terms in everyday English conversation. In this essay, I’ve made a concerted effort to explain vocabulary in a way that English learners may understand. I hope it assists you in learning best through graphics. It is recommended that you download a free copy of this valuable lesson from the link provided below in order to learn these words effectively.

20 Birds Names List in English and Urdu

Kite چہل
Fantail لقا کبوتر
ostrich شتر مرغ
Pigeon کبوتر
Sparrow چڑیا
Falcon شکرا
Canary زرد بلبل
Bat چمگادڑ
Vulture گدھ
Heron بگلا
Swallow ابابیل
Hen مرغی
Chicken چوزہ
Quail بٹیر
Goose قاز
King fisher رام چڑیا
Tomtit پدڑی
Amadavat لال
Partridge تیتر
Coot مرغابی
Owl الو
Peahen مورنی
Lark چنڈول
Dove فاختہ
Parrot طوطا
Crane سارس
Hoopoe ہُدہُد
Pheasant چکور
Starling مینا
Crow کوا
Black bird کستوری پرندہ
Nightingale بلبل
Cuckoo کوئل
Peacock مور
Hawk باز
Buzzard شکرا کی قسم
Duck بطخ
Cock مرغا

bird names in english and urdu

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