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30 Body Sounds in English and Urdu | Body Sounds

Body Sounds in English and Urdu
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Here is the list of body sounds in English. Body Sounds and Noises Vocabulary for Spoken English in Daily Life with Urdu Meanings This lesson will help you acquire English vocabulary for various body noises so that you may speak English fluently. Humans make many different noises.

We will discuss various body sounds and noises in this class. In various situations, our bodies emit various sounds and noises. So we’ll try to learn all of these sounds and noises in English and Urdu in this lecture. At the bottom of the page, you may download a PDF version of the lesson.

This lesson will teach you all of the vocabulary words in English for the various noises. You’ll discover the meanings of all English sounds with Urdu explanations, which will help you learn and practise speaking English. Because we make different sounds and noises with different areas of our bodies, it is critical to acquire English vocabulary that can be used to describe all of the sounds and noises produced by the human body. Daily For studying English, combine English Vocabulary with Urdu to learn human sound names. Get a pdf of this valuable lesson as well.

30 Body Sounds in English and Urdu

Below is the list of 30 Body Sounds in English and Urdu:

body sounds in urdu

Mumble منہ میں بولنا
Grind the teeth دانت کٹکٹانا
Snore خراٹے لینا
Clearing the throat گلا صاف کرنا
Cough کھانسنا
Snort نتھنوں کے ذریعہ زور زور سے سانس لینا
Sigh آہ بھرنا
Farting/flatulence پادنا/ریاح خارج کرنا
Yawn جمائی لینا
Sneeze چھینکنا
Burp / Belch ڈکار لینا
Growl غرانا/گرجنا
Gasp  سانس پھولنا
Pant ہانپنا
Scream/shout چِلانا/چیخنا
Groan کراہنا
Blow پھونک مارنا
Snap the fingers چُٹکی بجانا
Hiccup ہچکی
Clap تالی بجانا
Sniff سڑسڑ کرنا
Laugh/giggle ہنسنا
Gargle غرارہ کرنا
Crunch روندنا
Whistle سیٹی بجانا
Hum گنگنانا
Slurp کھانے پینے کی آواز
Cracking the knuckles انگلیاں چٹخانہ
Whisper  کھسر پھسر کرنا
Smack the (lips) ہونٹ ملانا

body sounds

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