best books to master english

Best Books to Master English Speaking and Writing

Below are the 9 best books to master English speaking and writing. English learning is not a child’s play and you have to play in different fields to master English. In this article, I am going to uncover the 10 best books to learn English fast and easily.

There are many ways to make English learning easy and quick and book reading is one of them. So I have divided this lesson into two sections. In the first section, I am going to provide you some good English learning books on grammar and vocabulary, and in the very next section, there are some interesting novel books that you can read to improve your English while having fun with a story or novel.

Best English Grammar and Vocabulary Books

best books to learn english

1. English Grammar and Usage

This is the best book to learn grammar. In this book, everything has been explained so nicely that a reader will never get bored. This is the book recommended by ESL Teachers to beginner to advanced level students.

Even teachers use this book to learn grammar and to explain in an easy way to their students. This book will give the most basic concepts of English grammar and the chapters on letter writing and confusing words are really satisfying in this book.

2. Longman Student Grammar of Spoken and Written English

This book is best for you if you are a beginner. It is a simple guide to English grammar and vocabulary. This book will help you in finding out how English works and how English is used on a daily basis.

The best thing about this book is its English grammar and vocabulary section, which go with each other. This book has grammar and vocabulary together, author of this book has masterly relates the grammar lessons with vocabulary lessons. In this way, a read learns vocabulary and grammar at the same time. I have read out some of the grammar lessons which were very keenly explained and they have tried their best to clear every concept of grammar and vocabulary. This book has a big collection of basic to advance level vocabulary of around 3000 words.

3. Practical English Usage

Practical English usage is one of the most well-know books of 2021’S. This is a comprehensive book that is very simple and easy to understand. If you are a beginner at learning English this book is super best for you.

It is not just a grammar book with a comprehensive guide to English grammar and is also a practical guide to help you in English speaking. I would simply say that it is one of the most powerful books if you want to find out how English grammar works.

It is a simple book with simple language that is very easy to understand. Although it is a grammar book it has a big portion covering English vocabulary.

4. English Usage Rules Explained in Plain English

This is the most comprehensive book on English grammar and vocabulary. This book has nicely explained rules of grammar with examples and exercises. This blue color book is a straightforward guide to grammar and vocabulary. After reading this book you can easily talk about grammar concepts. Every lesson in this book is given with a practice exercise and answers to those exercises are given at the end of the chapter so in this way ESL students can test their concepts after learning individual grammar lessons.

5. Grammar Books with Exercises – Elementary Level

This book of Michael Swan is the best book for elementary level students. Basically, this book comes in three levels: elementary, intermediate, and advanced.

I am recommending the elementary book if you are a beginner and if you are not a beginner in learning English and have some know-how of English grammar then you can go with the intermediate or the advanced level book. Same like other books this book also has some basic to advance level exercises. This book has a very in-depth explanation of grammar. Another good thing about this grammar book is the clear structure of the book. I have used this book for self-study and that is why I am recommending review this book after an experience. Humor in the text is really satisfying you will never get bored while reading this book.

Learn How to Master English Grammar – A quick guide

4 Best Novels to learn English

best novels to learn english

1. Lord of the Flies

This is the study textbook of different native English schools in the United States. It has a modern classic style. This book was written by William Golding and it has the masterly explained story of the group of boys that were isolated on the desert island. Due to the dramatic and descriptive language of this book, you will feel like in the scenes yourself.

2. The Old Man and the Sea

This book was written by Ernest Hemingway. He was a true passionate writer. His style of writing was smooth and easy that any ESL student can easily understand the tone of his book.

He is a well-known writer of his time and still, his books are in power. He has a straightforward writing style and due to the short sentence structure of his books, his books are the most recommended books for ESL students.

The old man and the sea book is the tale of a Cuban fisherman and his battle with the giant marlin.

3. The Wind in the Willows

This novel book by Kenneth Grahame is really worth reading. It is best for both adults and children. This classic novel shares the adventures of different animals living across the river bank and some in the jungle. Kenneth has used simple language to explain every aspect of this book and that is why if you are a beginner in learning English you can easily understand the imaginative story of this book.

4. Tuesdays with Morrie

Tuesdays with Morrie was written by Mitch Albom. Due to easy to understand and short sentence structure, this book is one of the best books for English language learners. This book is basically about Morrie Schwartz, the former professor of Mitch Albom. This book is one of the best books to read with your friends. It has a conversational style of reading and writing.