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Contractions List
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Contractions List, Definition, and Examples! The most frequent ESL students’ English blunders in speech and writing. Examine the examples and double-check that you comprehend the corrections. Common Grammar Errors Examples of 300+ frequent English grammar faults and how to fix them. The most frequent grammatical errors in English. The top 300 English grammar errors can ruin your written, reading, and speech credibility.
Some of the most common English blunders made by ESL students, both in voice and writing, are listed here. Examine the examples and double-check that you comprehend the corrections. Then, at the conclusion, take the grammar test to see how far you’ve come.

Contractions List in English

what is grammar contractions Contractions List in english

he’s  he is; he has
they’re  they are
you’d  you had; you would
doesn’t  does not
she’ll  she will; she shall
who’s  who had; who would
aren’t  are not
mightn’t  might not
what’re  what are
isn’t  is not
weren’t  were not
hadn’t  had not
shouldn’t  should not
who’re  who are
haven’t  have not
there’s  there is; there has
who’ve  who have
hasn’t  has not
that’s  that is; that has
who’s  who is; who has
I’ve  I have
we’ve  we have
let’s  let us
what’ll  what will; what shall
can’t  cannot
mustn’t  must not
what’s  what is; what has
he’ll  he will; he shall
they’ll  they will; they shall
wouldn’t  would not
he’d  he had; he would
they’d  they had; they would
won’t  will not
I’ll  I will; I shall
we’d  we had; we would
you’re  you are
couldn’t  could not
shan’t  shall not
what’ve  what have
didn’t  did not
she’d  she had; she would
where’s  where is; where has
I’m  I am
we’re  we are
you’ve  you have
I’d  I had; I would
they’ve  they have
you’ll  you will; you shall
don’t  do not
she’s  she is; she has
who’ll  who will; who shall

Contractions List in english Contractions List Contractions List

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