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Dawn Vocabulary, CSS Vocabulary List in Urdu Meanings

CSS Vocabulary List
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CSS Vocabulary List in Urdu Meanings, Dawn Vocabulary! CSS Vocabulary with Urdu Meanings (PDF) Learn important CSS and PMS vocabulary along with its Urdu definitions and types. This vocabulary list includes the most commonly used words on tests. CSS Notes for CSS Compulsory Subject “English (Precis & Composition)” are available to download. CSS VOCABULARY IS VERY IMPORTANT. The vocabulary will include words from the morning newspaper as well as their definitions, saving aspirants a lot of time. The fundamentals of CSS vocabularies and grammar. CSS has a large vocabulary. The vocabulary list from the Dawn newspaper is available in PDF format. Cuss vocabulary terms in English pdf.

CSS/DAWN Vocabulary in English

css vocabulary list css vocabulary list

Word Meaning Synonyms
Disingenuous مکاری – چال بازی crafy; double dealing
Deleterious مضر – مہلک harmful
Derided تضیحک کرنا – مذاق اڑانا mocked
Occlusion بند کرنا shutting out
Condone در گزر کرنا tolerate
Peer ہم رتبہ An equal; to look closely at
Congenial خوش گوار friendly; sociable; suitable
Contagious متعدی passed on through touch; infectious
Preclude باز رکھنا prevent; make impossible
Obsequious چاپلوس slavish; fawning
Convivial یار انہ sociable
Palliative آرام پہنچانے والی شہ easy pain
Nemesis زہر قاتل – روگ fate; doom
Opportunism موقع پرست grabbing opportunities
Perquisites اضافی مراعات perks; sth you recieve for your job
Pathos رقت انگیزی کیفیت sadness; stirring the emotions; gloomy
Devious پیچدار۔ پُرفریب۔ cunning
Connoisseur جاننے والا پرکھنے والا expert with good taste/ judgement
Naivete بھولا بھال innocence; lack of worldliness
Despoiled مایوس plunder; rob; deprive
Paucity کمی scarcity; shortage
Purportedly مانا جاتا ہے – سمجھا جاتا ہے apparently claiming
Depreciatory تحقیر آمیز devaluing; criticizing
Debacle شرمناک ناکامی disaster
Discrepancy اختلاف inconsistency
Distension پھیلاؤ swelling; distend; expand
Prudent محتاط wise; cautious
Phlegmatic کاہل calm; imperturbable
Disparaging نفی کرنا – کم قدری کرنا critical
Phobic خوف کا مرض fearful (Root phobia always implies fear)
Discernment سمجھ بوجھ judgment
Placid پرسکون, peaceful; calm; serene
Negate انکار کرنا wipe out; nullify
Concord اتحاد – اتفاق راۓ agreement
Disarming خوش کن charming; unthreatening
Conflagration آتش زدگی great fire
Opacity دھندلاپن lack of transparency; being opaque
Eclectic انتخابی taking things from different sources; selective
Corpulence موٹا – بہت موٹا very fat-ness
Compendious جامع containing a lot in a small space/few words
Copious کثیر in large amount
Nefarious بدمعاش – بدکردار infamous; very wicked
Prosaic سادہ ordinary; dull
Deferment التوا – تاخیر putting off
Peevishness بداخلاقی childish sullenness; irritability
Disillusioned غلط فہمی سے آزادی freed from wrong ideas
Notoriety بدنامی infamy
Predilection رجحان liking for; penchant
Denuded جِسے ننگا یا عریاں کر دیا گیا ہو stripped
Conciliatory مفاہمانہ – صلح پسندانہ bringing together; ending a dispute; soothing
Convergence اجماع coming together
Precursor مقدم – خبر رساں forerunner; sth comes before
Plaudits : تحسین praise
Derelict لاوارث rundown; abandoned
Cursory سرسری superficial
Credulity ہر بات پر يقين کرنے والا belief on slight evidence
Opting انتخاب کرنا – ترجیح دینا choosing
Dubious مشکوک doubtful
Dalliance ناز و نیاز non-serious involvement; toying or playing
Dearth کمی shortage; lacking
Quell suppress; to stop sth such as protes
Nihilism منکر مذہب belief in nothing; anarchy
Polarized یکطرفہ ہوجانا divided into two extremes
Officious سرکاری interfering
Punctilious نازک طبع meticulous
Pilfer چرانا steal; filch; rustle
Debilitate کمزور weaken
Presumption گمان assuming too much
Pliant موڑنے کے قابل flexible
Nondescript مجہول ۔ غیر معروف ۔ نا مُشخص having no special qualities; ordinary
Consummate مکمل کرنا supremely good
Penchant زبردست رجحان tendency; leaning toward; liking
Deliberation غور و خوض careful thought
Curtail پابندی لگانا cut short
Multifarious انواع و اقسام کا having many aspects
Demagogue بازاری لیڈر mob leader; agitator
Radical بنیادی revolutionary
Corroborated ثابت کرنا – توثیق کرنا supported; given supporting evidence
Ornate مزین – زیبائشی extremely decorated
Didactic معلمانہ – تعلیمی intending to preach or teach; an act of teaching
Delineate خاکہ بنانا – لکیر کھینچنا outline
Myopic قریب نظری میں آنکھ کے اندر ہلالی گومڑ بننا short-sighted (literal or metaphoric)
Propensity رجحان tendency; leaning predilection
Debunk بے نقاب کرنا throw out old indeas
Prospectus کوائف نامہ brochure
Corollary نتیجہٴ صریح consequence; inference
Demonstrative مظاہرہ کرنے والا expressing emotions freely
Penurious خیل – کنجوس miserly
Docile پڑھائے جانے کے قابل obedient; subservient
Cumulative مسلسل بڑھنے والے building up
Consecrate وقف کرنا – مختص کرنا dedicate; make holy
Opulence عیش و عشرت lavish display of wealth
Dilatory سُست ، کاہِل ، تاخیر کرنے والا slow; sluggish
Proponent حامی supporter
Onerous سخت بوجھل بوجھ ڈالنا burdensome
Profundity پیچیدگی depth (of ideas/thoughts)
Quixotic شیخ چلی – من چل idealistic; impractical
Pragmatism عملی practicality
Overhaul نیا کر دینے کا عمل renovate; examine
Petulant شوخی touchy; sulky; peevish

dawn vocabulary list dawn vocabulary list CSS vocabulary in english CSS vocabulary in english

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