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Days of Week in Arabic | Arabic Days in English and Urdu! Arabic days of the week with English and Urdu translations The Arabic transliteration of all-day names is also provided. At the bottom of the page, you can download a PDF version of the book. All of the days of the week should be memorized in Arabic, with English and Urdu translations.
Learn how to pronounce the days of the week in Arabic. Learn the seven days of the week in Arabic using both English and Urdu. Lesson on the Days of the Week with Arabic Transliteration. We will learn the names of the days in Arabic with English and Urdu translations in this session.

Days of Week in Arabic

English Urdu Arabic Transliteration
Wednesday بدھ اَلاَربِعَاءُ Al-arbi’aa
Friday جمعہ اَلجُمعَۃُ Al-jum’a
Saturday ہفتہ اَلسَّبْتُ As-sabt
Sunday اتوار اَلاَحَد Al-ahad
Monday سوموار اَلاِثْنَین Al-ithnayn
Tuesday منگل اَلثُّلاثَاءُ Ayh-thulatha
Thursday جمعرات اَلخَمِیسُ Al-khamees

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