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direct and indirect examples
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Direct and Indirect Examples and Exercise PDF! Direct and indirect speech is very important to learn english fluently. Here are some common examples of direct and indirect speech. Direct and Indirect Speech exercises are also given at the next.

Direct and Indirect Examples

direct and indirect examples

Below are examples of direct and indirect speech:

Direct Speech Indirect Speech
Rabeya will say, “I am a doctor.” Rabeya will say (that) she is a doctor.
Ayesha will say to Maryam, “You are naughty.” Ayesha will say to Maryam that she is naughty.
He says to Sameer, “I do not like stale bread.” He says to Sameer that he does not like stale bread.
Aurangzeb says to Farhat, “Shani teases me.” Aurangzeb tells Farhat that Shani teases him.
The lion will say to the lamb, “You are making the water dirty.” The lion will say to the lamb that he is making the water dirty.
“We know the answers,” reply the candidates. The candidates reply (that) they know the answers
She said to her brother, “What you have described is interesting.’ She told (said to) her brother (that) what he had described was interesting.
“Why she absents herself from class is not understandable easily,” the teacher said, “and how she passes her exams so well is further not clear.” The teacher said (that) why she absented herself from class was not understandable and (that) how she passed her exams so well was further not clear.
The teacher said to the students, “How you answer the questions is very important.” The teacher advised the students (that) how they answered the questions was very important. They told me (that) where I lived interested them.
“Where you live interests us,” they said to me. She told (said to) her brother (that) what he had described was interesting.
She said to me, “The train will arrive at 3 p.m.” She told me (that) the train would arrive at 3 p.m.
He said to his friend, “Please wait for me.” (Request) He requested his friend to wait for him.
Nasir said to his servant, “Clean the table in the room.” (Order) Nasir ordered his servant to clean the table in the room.
One hunter said to the other, “We should hunt animals in another jungle.” (Suggestion) One hunter suggested to the other that they should hunt animals in another jungle.
Zarina said to me, “Do not walk so fast.” Zarina asked me not to walk so fast.
He said, “Hurrah! I have passed.” (Joy) He exclaimed with joy (that) he had passed
She said, “Oh! I have lost all my money.” (Sorrow) She exclaimed with sorrow (that) she had lost all her money

direct and indirect examples

Direct Speech Indirect Speech
Rahim said, “I am present.” Rahim said (that) he was present.
She said, “I play in the evening.” She said (that) she plays in the evening.
The boy replied, “I have written an essay.” The boy replied he had written an essay.”
Samina said, “I bought it in 2007.” Samina said that she had bought it in 2007.
She said to her friend, “I learnt to play the piano two years ago.” She told (or said to) her friend that she had learnt to play the piano two years before.
Faiza said, “I did not buy this book from Sheikhupura.” Faiza said that she had not bought that book from Sheikhupura.
Hafsa said to her sister, “I had reached the function in time.? Hafsa told her sister that she had reached the function in time.
She said, “We had been living in Lahore for 10 years.” She said that they had been living in Lahore for 10 years.
He said, “Prices never remain constant.” He said that prices never remain constant.
She said, “Love begets (results in)love.” She said that love begets love.
The boy said, “The sun rises in the east.” The boy said that the sun rises In the east.
Mushtaq said, “I am an early riser.” Mushtag said that he is an early riser.
Mother sald, “Honesty is the best policy.” Mother said that honesty is the best policy
The saint said, “Charity begins at home.” The saint said that charity begins at home.
He said, “The lion lives on meat.” He said that the lion lives on meat.
My friend said, “I walk to school while others go by bus.” My friend said that he walks to school while others go by bus.

direct and indirect examples direct and indirect examples

Direct Indirect Exercises

  1. He said to her, “Will you lend me your camera?”
  2. She said to me, “Where have you lost my pen?”
  3. “I have seen many English movies.” [Supply the reporting speech: He said … She says … ]
  4. “Do you know what you are writing?”
  5. He said, “It is cold here. Is the window open?” [He said it was cold there and asked if the window was open.]
  6. Rehana said, “I shall try to be in time today. I am sorry I forgot to come yesterday.”
  7. Shakir said, “Mother, are you feeling ill? What do you want me to do for you?” [Shakir asked his mother if she was feeling ill and what she wanted him to do for her.]
  8. “We must wait for him here,” said the Captain, “and when he comes nearer, we’ll hide behind one of the big rocks.”
  9. “Do you suppose you know better than your own father?” jeered (remarked bitingly) his angry mother.
  10. “Always be polite to people as you pass them on the way up,” the old politician advised the young diplomat, “and in case you pass them again on your way down, you may be impolite.”
  11. “Ugh! There is a slug (a small creature) in my lettuce (a small plant), waiter,” he cried.
  12. “You pressed the wrong button,” said the mechanic, “Don’t do it again. You might get into serious trouble.”
  13. “Come in and look round. There is no obligation (compulsion) to buy,” said the shopkeeper.
  14. “It’s up to you to decide, but don’t ask me for help if you get into difficulties.”
  15. “Don’t forget to take your passport with you.” [The officer advised the passenger not to … ]
  16. “Let the people decide about the future of the country,” said the scholar.
  17. The father admonished (warned) his son, “Do as I tell you or you will be punished. I’ll teach you who the master in this house is!”
  18. The teacher asked me, “Do you understand it now? I’ll explain if you don’t.”
  19. They said, “It may rain tomorrow.” The teacher said to me, “I am always asking you not to put off till tomorrow what you can do today”
  20. He said to me, “You look smart.”
  21. I said to him, “Why are you so lazy?”
  22. I said to him, “You are in trouble about which you have not thought.”
  23. He said to me, “I am not feeling well. Take me to hospital.”
  24. You said to him, “I have finished my work.”
  25. The teacher said to the students, “The First World War was fought from 1914 to 1918.”
  26. I said to the bearer, “Bring a glass of water or some juice of you can.”
  27. “Let the smugglers offer themselves for arrest,” said the army officer.
  28. He said to me, “Can you solve this problem now?”
  29. He said, “I saw him yesterday. I am desirous of seeing him now.”
  30. I said to the leader, “What have you done for the nation that you are so proud?”
  31. He replied. “Don’t you see how rich I am and how many people depend upon me for so many things?”
  32. “Who is calling us to the meeting?” said the officers to each other, “Are we not ready to answer the questions there?”
  33. “Can’t we produce enough cheap electric energy? Can’t we live comfortably?” said the student.
  34. “There is nothing like true friendship,” one passenger said to the other, “and if we cannot trust a true friend, we are most unfortunate.”
  35. “The dry season has spoilt our crops and dried our wells,” said the Balochis.
  36. “I took the Matriculation exam when I was a young girl, and I passed it well,” “Sahira said to me. [Sahira told me that she had taken … ]
  37. They said in trouble, “No one but man himself is responsible for most of his problems.”
  38. X said to the guests, “Do you have anything to eat? We have just finished our dinner.” [Mr. X asked the guests if they had anything to act and said that they had just finished their dinner.”]
  39. He often says to me, “I was in Africa when I was a child.”
  40. Shesays,”I cannot walk as I am dead tired.”
  41. They said to the teacher, “Let our class take part in the national debates.”
  42. They said to me, “Please help us in our difficulty.”
  43. Why are you so late?” said the teacher, “Do you not know that it is a special class? [Answer: The teacher asked why he was so late and if (or whether) he did not know that it was a special class.]
  44. She said, “Oh! I have lost my books. How can I get them again when most of the bookshops have turned into shoe and cloth stores?”
  45. Akram said to his brother, “Bring tea for the guests and anything you can find for eating.”
  46. Salma said to her sister, “Why do you not learn to cook? Why did you not learn it earlier?”
  47. “It is very hot today,” cried the boys, “We cannot play our game.”
  48. They said, “Let us stand here under the tree till he arrives.” [Ans. They suggested that they stand there under the tree till he arrived.]
  49. “If you start destroying education, you are going to destroy the nation,” said the teacher to the ministers. [The teacher warned the ministers that if they started destroying education, they were going to … ]
  50. The officer said to him, “Why are you always in trouble? I often find you complaining about your children.”
  51. He said, “She has eaten all the food. Nothing is left. Where can we buy eatables at this hour?”
  52. She said, “I shall do my homework now.”
  53. “You have stolen my books,” Waqas said to Ayesha.

direct and indirect examples direct and indirect examples

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