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Dry Fruits Names In Pakistan

Dry Fruits in Pakistan
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Dry Fruits Names In Pakistan! Dry fruits are a delicious, healthy snacks option that are enjoyed by people all over the world. In Pakistan, there are many different types of dry fruits that are popular among locals and expats. This blog post will introduce you to some of the most common dry fruits found in Pakistan.

Dry Fruit Urdu Word
Fig انجیر
Soy Nuts سویابین
Apricots خوبانی
Walnut اخروٹ
Date کھجور
Pistachio پستہ
Coconut ناریل
Pine Nuts چلغوزے
Raisins کشمش
Sunflower Seeds سورج مکھی کے بیج
Cashews کاجو
Peanut مونگ پھلی
Almond بادام


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