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English essay the choice of a profession
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Essay on the topic of the choice of a profession!

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  1. To earn one’s living or maintain one’s status in society one has to work and adopt a profession.
  2. Modern advancements in science, technology and business techniques have created hundreds of new openings for young people.
  3. All human beings have different abilities, capacities, attitudes and aptitudes. Therefore, every person is not fit for every kind of work.
  4. The right choice of profession is not easy; however, every effort should be made towards this end.
  5. Parents should not thrust their choice upon their wards, rather they should encourage them to make their own choice, of course with the help of parents and teachers.
  6. Once the final choice is made, everybody must stick to it.

The Essay:

Work is an essential part of human life. Even those who are born and bred in affluent circumstances cannot afford to remain idle, they, too, are obliged to undertake some kind of work, to maintain or enhance their status in society. Working regularly for earning one’s livelihood or promoting one’s interests is, by common consent, called the profession or career of man or woman.

But no two human beings are of the same physical or mental makeup. People have different aptitudes, capacities and propensities. In different circumstances of life they receive different types of training, academic and practical, and imbibe different types of intellectual and moral biases. Their ambitions and conceptions of future goals are also vastly different in their nature and scope. Therefore, it can be quite safely presumed that everyone is not fitted for all kinds of work. It is, therefore, imperative that a young man or woman must exercise the greatest care in choosing the type of work which he or she intends to embark upon in order to earn his/her living.

To choose the right type of profession or work, which will not only enable a young person to earn his livelihood but also provide him an opportunity to gain maximum mental satisfaction, is not easy. A haphazard choice of profession may solve the problem of bread for the time being, but in the long run it may well become a source of perpetual worry and Malcontent. The right choice of a profession is the prime need; one false step and they are doomed for the rest of their lives.

The world is not what it used to be a hundred or so years ago; it has passed through tremendous socio-economic, cultural, scientific and technological changes. These changes have, in their wake, created hundreds of new kinds of openings for young people, provided they equip themselves properly for them. This has made the choice of a profession all the more difficult today than it was before.

Almost every parent is filled with the ambition of making his ward a civil service officer, or at least an engineer or a doctor. This unbridled ambition of parents is playing havoc with the careers of many a young man, otherwise quite brilliant. Not only colossal amounts of money and time go in the drain, the young people who have to bear the brunt of their parents’ ambitions, utterly fail in making any headway and many of them become mental wrecks.

But how can this sad state of affairs be remedied? Firstly, parents must learn to control their ambitions. Civil services, medical or engineering professions are not the only honorable professions. Respect and honor are not earned by lording it over fellow human beings but by working diligently and honestly in one’s profession, however lowly it may be. Therefore, parents must desist from thrusting their choice upon their offspring. Secondly, they must allow their wards to think for themselves. The young people are cleverer than the old generation and they can make the right choice. But before one makes one’s final choice, one must make an honest assessment of one’s abilities and potentialities – physical as well as mental. One’s tastes, inclinations and temperament ought also to be taken into consideration. It is not very easy for a young person to make an objective assessment of his own abilities and potentialities. But if the will is there, he can be expected to make the right choice for himself.

Once the final choice has been made, it should be the duty of everyone to stick to it firmly. Many a time a young person is tempted to change his intended profession only because he or others think that the new profession will help earn more money or greater respect. It must be remembered that a rolling stone gathers no moss. Steadiness of purpose and hard work are the only things which help in attaining success in life.

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