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Essay about debate
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Debates Essay


  1. A debate is a formal or informal discussion between two persons or two groups of persons.
  2. Informal debates are carried on in the newspapers and in the meetings of political parties or socio-cultural groups.
  3. Formal debates are held at public places.
  4. Before the start of debate the subject and speakers are chosen.
  5. During the debate both the parties try to put their case lucidly and forcefully; they refute the arguments of their opponents and in this way try to win the approval of the audience.
  6. Debates train young people to think clearly, express themselves lucidly and check their facts carefully. They also increase their knowledge.

The Essay:

A debate is a formal or informal discussion or argument. It is carried on between two or more than two persons, two teams of opponents or even two groups. Formal debates are held in public places such as a party’s hall newspapers and large groups, on room. The economic, Informal radio and debates social, television, are cultural carried in the and on meetings literary in the society’s columns of political or even through public and Press statements. In the United States of America various television networks bring the main contenders for the office of President together on the same platform and ask them to discuss the merits of their respective programme before audience which consists of almost the entire nation glued to their television sets. It is said that the late Mr. John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan became the Presidents of America merely because they were better performers on the mini-screen than their opponents.

The subject is chosen by the organizers of the debate and presented in the form of a resolution. For example, “In the opinion of this house English ought to be retained as the medium of instruction in Pakistan” or “Country life is better than city life”. Each side tries to present the arguments in such a way that they may appeal to the audience so that they vote for the proposition.

On the appointed day the members of both the debating teams of groups gather at the appointed time. Many other people who are interested in the subject of the debate also come. It is they who constitute the audience or the House.

Before the start of debate the President of the House announces the rules under which the debate is to be conducted. The person who initiates the debate is called the leader of the House and the speaker who follows him from the other side is known as the leader of the opposition. Both of them are usually given five to seven minutes. Other participants are allowed three to five minutes.

When both the leaders have spoken, other participants are invited to speak. This continues until everyone has spoken once in turn. The speeches which are delivered by the parties are usually prepared in advance. But the successful speakers are those who, apart from their preparedness, have the knack and ability to develop their thesis from the arguments of their opponents.

Speakers are given a chance of rebuttal. These rebuttals usually consist of efforts to support the arguments, albeit in a new or novel way, which have already been put forth by one’s side and have been attacked by the opponents. When everyone has spoken, the leader of the opposition and the leader of the House are given another chance to speak. The performance of individual speakers is assessed by a panel of judges, usually three. These judges select the three best speakers on the basis of their arguments, language and delivery. The fate of the motion is decided by the House by show of hands, thumping of benches or by loud “ayes” or “noes”.

Debates are not held in a flux. The choice of subject and speaker and the audience all play a part in their success. Therefore, to have a good debate not only good speakers but also a good subject is the prime requisite. The task of choosing a subject is a tricky one. It must be such that gives each side a fair and equal chance to win. The resolution must also be clearly stated, so that it can be easily understood by all. If the subject is vague it will only confuse everyone and the debate might flop.

Debates have become an integral part of the civilized societies. They are held with a view to permitting free and open discussion of important topics of general interest. In America political debates are the norm and they greatly help in crystallizing the issues of national importance.

Debating is an excellent training for young people. It provides them a chance to face a hostile audience, think logically and express their ideas in a forceful and convincing manner. It increases their knowledge and helps them to tap their talents. It also teaches them to have faith in themselves and makes them self-confident.

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