Essay on An Ideal College with Outline and PDF

Essay on An Ideal College
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Essay on an Ideal College for Students! Colleges have direct relation to students and with their educational activities. Below is a very powerful essay on the topic of an ideal college with outline and PDF.

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  1. Every student has his own dream of an ideal college and is often displeased with things as they are.
  2. An ideal College should pursue an ideal scheme of education. It should represent the finest blend of physical, moral and mental cultures.
  3. Teaching staff should be exceptionally gifted, and combine personal integrity with capacity to stimulate students intellectually. It should be above want and worry.
  4. College should be housed in quiet and verdant surroundings and lend tone and atmosphere to the institution.
  5. The image of the College should not be tarnished by mercenary motives and thoughtless policies.
  6. Concluding remarks.

The Essay:

Ideals have moved men from times immemorial. Poets and philosophers, kings and statesmen, scholars and divines have aspired for a state of perfection and bliss, peace and prosperity. Disillusioned with the “strange disease of modern life” Keats longed to fade away with the nightingale into the forest dim. Coleridge set out to found an ideal Community and Shelley yearned for the golden age of a brighter Hellas. An ideal, in fact, answers to one’s highest conceptions and embodies the best that can be conceived or imagined.

When people speak of an ideal home, an ideal teacher, an ideal gift or an ideal college they voice their latent dissatisfaction with the existing order of things. Every student who enters the portals of a college feels, after a lapse of time, that the college does not rise up to his highest expectations. It fails to fulfil the dream of a perfect academy which he had fostered in his mind. Though some aspects appeal to him, there are many others which disappoint or even repel him. His mood is quite understandable for reality very often falls far short of the ideal.

An ideal college should subscribe to an ideal scheme of education for the one is inseparable from the other. The chief purpose of education, it is said, is the total and harmonious development of the individual. Any laudable system of education must provide the student firstly, with the capacity for logical and objective thinking. Secondly, it must contribute to the cultivation of morality and help the student to discover a meaningful set of values and a personal philosophy of life. Thirdly, it must pay adequate attention to physical health and work on the premise that a healthy mind is impossible without a healthy body, to attain these exalted goals a special kind of establishment will evidently be needed.

To begin with, an ideal college should have a set of exceptional teachers. Love of learning depends overwhelmingly upon the personality, skill, knowledge and communicable enthusiasm of the individual teacher. In a sense all else is peripheral. They should be mess of integrity endowed with a critical mind and a capacity to stimulate their wards to think for themselves and explore avenues which would be intellectually satisfying. In an ideal college the Professor should be above financial constraints and mercenary temptations to allow him to pursue his mission with single-minded devotion. He should be a man of prestige and amply compensated for his dedication and work.

The location of the college is also a matter of utmost importance. The college of our dreams should be situated outside the city limits and reasonably far from the madding crowd. Housed in a spacious building with huge lawns and verdant surroundings, it should set the tone and atmosphere essential for the pursuit of knowledge.

Moreover, our ideal college should not be run along commercial lines. Apart from its private resources it should be generously subsidized by the State. It should be very discriminating in matters of admission and not permit an influx merely for the purpose of amassing fees. True to its principles, it should not be contented with mediocrity but persistently encourage students to excel, to develop, to be disciplined and decent extra-curricular activities should be selective and of the very best.

Dramatics, music and debating should enjoy a special place and help in refining the sensibilities of the students and bringing out the best that they are capable of. Wide range of sports should be permitted but with only two objects in view: one, to keep the young gentlemen physically fit, and two, train them in the practical lessons of comradeship, Cooperation and discipline.

When all is said and done, an ideal, in the final analysis, remains largely a subjective affair. It differs from age to age and person to person. The picture of an ideal college which an individual may entertain might be totally different from the one which I have tried to sketch here. An ideal, like beauty, lies in the eyes of the beholder.

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