Fabric Names In English

Fabric Names
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Fabric Names In English ~ There are so many different fabric names in English, it can be hard to keep track of them all.

This can be especially challenging when you’re trying to buy something specific and the salesperson doesn’t know what you’re talking about. In this blog post, we’ll go over some of the most common fabric names in English, along with their definitions. We hope this will help make your next shopping trip a little bit easier!

Ballistic Botany Wools Chiffon
Deerskin Felt Jersey
Melange Oilcloth Polyester
Serge Tarpaulin Vichy
Aida Canvas Batiste Camlet
Sinamay Transparent Velvet Ardass
Burlap Charmeuse Cretonne
Elastane Hemp Macrame
Nonwoven fabric Pique Russet
Supima Ultrasuede Angola
Bobbinet Cavalry Twill Crochet
Epyngle Habutai Leathertte
Netting Pinpoint Ric Rac
Suede Tusseh silk Zephyr
Banbury plush Breech or Britch Wool Chinchilla cloth
Diaper cloth Flanellette Khakhi
Messaline Oxford cloth Polypropylene
Sequin Fabric Tattersall Vinyl
Argyle Bedford (Cord) Chamoise


Crepe de chine Elastique Homespun
Macinaw Nubuck Plisse
Sailcloth Supriva Velboa
Acrylic fabric Bark Cloth Buck Fleece
Chire Dorian Full-grain leather
Lace Milk yarn Patent Leather
Poult de soi Silesie Thermal knit
Waffle cloth Albert Cloth Beaded
Canvas Cottagora Drill
Gauze Lint Mother of pearl
Petersham Raschel knit Slipper Satin
Tricot Woolsy Alepine
Belly Wool Cashmere Duck cloth
Gingham Llama Muslin
Pile weave Rayon Spandex Spandex
Awnings Blends Cheese cloth
Dacron Faille Interlock
Marvello Organdie / Organdy Pongee silk
Satin Taffeta Velveteen plush
American Pima Cotton Binding cloth Cashmerlon


Cotton Lawn Dupioni Grosgrain
Lurex Neoprene Pima cotton
Rib Knit Straw Tufted fabric
Yoryu Aertex Batik
Camel’s Hair Colorfast Double knit
Fustian Linen Moleskin
Performance Knit Radium Simplex
Toile Wool Aerophane
Double Gauze Frieze Layette
Mohair Percale Raccoon fur
Armure Berber fleece Chantilly lace
Crinkle satin Embroidered fabric Hopsacking
Mackinosh Nylon Plush
Santoprene Swiss Dot Veloutine
Abaca Banana Fabric Broderie Anglaise
Chino Doeskin Foulard
Knit Melton Panama cloth
Polystyrene Shantung Terrycloth
Voile Alpaca crepe Bengaline /Faille
Cashgora Cotton voile Duffel
Gossamer Lycra Nappa Leather
Pilot cloth Resin Stone washed
Tsumugi Silk Yak Baft
Bombazine Cheviot Damask


Feathers Jaconet Matelasse
Organza Polo cloth Scrim
Tape yarn Venetian fabric Alpaca
Bemberg Carpet Wool Cotton backed Satin
Duvetyne Glen checks Loden Fabric
Nankeen Pill Repp
Stitch bonded fabric Tricollete Worcester
Aba Bandana Brocatelle
Chintz Dommet flannel French terry
Microfiber Panne Ponte Roma
Washable Paper Acetate Baize
Brushed Wool Chite Donegal
Frieze Knitted fabric Milanese
Pashmina Poplin Sherpa (fleece)
Thai silk Wadmal Airplane cloth
Batt or Batting Canton crepe Corduroy
Dress net Gabardine Linsey woolsey
Moss crepe Peau de Soie Ramie
Sisal Tropical wool Wool crepe
Astrakhan Biopolished cotton Chanel tweed
Crinoline net English net Ikat
Marled Oilcloth Pointelle
Sarong skirt Sweater knit Velvet
Crinoline Eolienne Huckaback
Madras Nytril Point d’esprit
Sarcenet Synthetic Velour
Balloon cloth Boynge China silk
Denim Flannel Jute
Merino  wool Outing Flannel Polyethylene


Serpentine crepe Tartan Vicuna
Crepe back satin Eyelash Hessian
Lycra Ninon Pinstripe
Ripstop Sueded fleece Twill
Active Comfort Denim Baronet satin Burlap
Cisele velvet Dotted Swiss Faux Fur
Lamb’s wool Modal Peached fabric
Quilted fabric Silk Satin Ticking
Whipcord Atlas Black Wool
Checks Cupro Faconne
Illusion Marquissette Olefin
Poiret Sateen Tactel
Velveteen Bamboo fibers Brocade
Chint Dimity Flax
Kidskin Mesh Paisley
Polyresin Sharkskin Teflon
Viscose Albatross Beaver cloth
Casement Cotton Duchess satin
Georgette Lisle Mull
Pile knit Rayon Slub jersey
Tricotine Worsted wool Angora fibres
Blanket cloth Cerecloth / altar cloth Crazy Horse
Egyptian cotton Handkerchief Linen Leather
Nep Pincord Ribbon
Surah Tulle Zanella
Anti-pill Bombazine Challis
Crepe Eyelet Haircloth


Liquid cotton Net fabric Pina Fabric
Ringspun fabric Suede  cloth Tweed
Zibeline Bagheera Velvet Boiled Wool
Chevron Dazzle Faux leather
Jacquard Matte fabric Ottoman rib
Polished cotton Seersucker Tapestry
Venice Admiralty cloth Basket weave
Calico Cloque Double cloth
Faux silk Lambskin Moire
Pearlized fabric Rabbit hair/wool Silk
Tissue Wincey Baby Combing Wool
Bonded leather Chenille Duplex prints
Fake fur Irish poplin Marceline
Organic cotton Poodle cloth Tapa cloth


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