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Family Members in English and Urdu

family members in english and urdu
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Family Members in English and Urdu! It is very important to learn the English names of family members in English. Learn Urdu family relationship names which are very important to learn English. We have to talk about the family member names in English so it is important to know about the relation names in Urdu to English.

Family Members in English and Urdu

Below is the list of family member names:

Mother ماں Step-mother سوتیلی ماں
Father باپ Step-father سوتیلا باپ
Brother بھائی Step-brother سوتیلا بھائی
Younger-brother چھوٹا بھائی Elder brother بڑا بھائی
Sister بہن Step-sister سوتیلی بہن
Husband خاوند Wife بیوی
Foster-brother برادررضاعی Foster-sister رضاعی بہن
Son بیٹا Daughter بیٹی


Uncle چچا، ماموں، خالو، پھوپھا Niece بھتیجی، بھانجی
Grand father دادا، نانا Grand-mother دادی، نانی
Grand son نواسا، پوتا Grand-daughter نواسی،پوتی


Brother-in-law بہنوئی،سالا،دیور، جیٹھ،نندوئی Father-in-law سسر
Cousin چچا یا ماموں زاد بہن بھائی Son’s mother-in-law سمندھن
Mother-in-law ساس Daughter-in-law بہو
Son’s father –in-law سمدھی Daughter’s father-in-law سمدھی


tenant کرائے دار
teacher استاد
relative رشتہ دار
relation رشتہ، تعلق
pupil شاگرد
pupil شاگرد
preceptor استاد ،ادیب
own سگا،اپنا،حقیقی
mistress میڈم ،استانی
maternal uncle ماموں
maternal grandmother نانی
maternal grandfather نانا
maternal aunt ممانی
lover عاشق،پرستار
love,affection محبت ،عشق
landlord زمیندار،مالک مکان
heir وارث،جانشیں
guest مہمان
friend دوست
customer گاہک
client موکل
adopted son گود لیابیٹا
adopted daughter گود لی بیٹی

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