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Family Relationship Names In English To Hindi

Family Relationship Names Hindi
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Family Relationship Names In English To Hindi~ In English, there are many different words for family relationships. For example, “brother” can be used to describe a sibling of either gender, while “uncle” refers specifically to the brother of one’s parent.

However, in Hindi there is only one word for all male siblings and all female siblings. In this blog post, we will explore the Hindi words for family members and their equivalents in English. Stay tuned!

Family Members Hindi Names Roman Hindi
Twin जुड़वां judavaan
Married विवाहित vivaahit
Fiancée मंगेतर mangetar
youngest सबसे कम उम्र sabase kam umr
Marriage विवाह vivaah
Engagement सगाई sagaee
Bloodline खून khoon
Granny नानी naanee
Single अकेला akela
Mum / Mom मौन मां maun maan
Ancestor पूर्वज poorvaj
Relative रिश्तेदार rishtedaar
Groom दूल्हा doolha
Family Tree वंश – वृक्ष vansh – vrksh
Relation रिश्ता rishta
Clan वंश vansh
Bride दुल्हन dulhan
Maternal मम मेरे mam mere
Dad पापा paapa
Fiance मंगेतर mangetar
Divorced तलाकशुदा talaakashuda
Grandma दादी daadee
Widower विदुर vidur
Grandpa दादा daada
Offspring वंशज vanshaj
Firstborn जेठा jetha
Paternal पैतृक paitrk
Infant बच्चा bachcha
Widow विधवा vidhava
Toddler बहुत छोटा बच्चा bahut chhota bachcha
Oldest सबसे पुराने sabase puraane


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