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Farm Animals Names in English and Urdu

Farm Animal Names
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Farm Animals Names in English and Urdu! In this blog post, we will be discussing the names of farm animals in Urdu and English. Farm animals are an important part of our lives and serve a vital role in agriculture. We hope you enjoy learning about these interesting creatures!

Farm Animals Names

Farm Animal Urdu Word
Horse گھوڑا
Farm کھیت
Cow گائے
Donkey گدھا
Chicken چکن
Pig سور
Cat بلی
Rabbit خرگوش
Rat چوہا
Rooster مرغا
Dog کتا
Mouse چوہا
Hen مرغی
Sheep بھیڑ
Frog مینڈک
Goat بکری
Barn گودام
Camel اُونٹ


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