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Fruit Names For Kids in English and Urdu

Fruit Names for Kids
Written by English Oye

Fruit Names For Kids in English and Urdu! This blog post is about fruit names in Urdu and English. There are many different fruits, and their names can be confusing for kids. This post will help to clarify the differences between the names of some common fruits in both languages. By learning the words for these fruits, kids can start to learn more about food and nutrition.

Understanding the names of different types of fruit will also help them when they are grocery shopping with their parents.

Fruit Names For Kids

English Urdu
Pear  ناشپاتی
Apple  سیب
Watermelon  تربُوز
Orange  کینو / نارنگی
Cherry  چیری
Banana  کیلا
Melon  سردا
Grapefruit  چکوترا
Apricot  خوبانی
Plum  آلوچہ / آلو بخارا
Pomegranate  انار
Mango  آم
Grapes  انگور
Damson  آلو بخارا
Papaya  پپیتا
Coconut  ناریل
Peach  آڑو
Avocado  مگر ناشپاتی
Custard Apple  شریفہ
Pumpkin  قدو
Grewia  فالسے
Fig  انجیر
Dates  کھجور
Sapodilla  چیکو
Lychee  لیچی
Guava  امرود
Carambola  کمر کھ
Cranberry  سُرخ گوند نی/ کروندا
Hanepoot  ہرانگور
Jackfruit  کٹھل/ جیک فروٹ
Jamun fruit  جامن
Mulberry  شہتوت
Persimmon  جاپانی پھل
Quince  بہی
Red currant  جنگل جلیبی
Jujube  عناب
Elderberry  شبدر کی گوندیاں
Olive  زیتّون
Tamarind  املی
Cashew Apple  کاجُو سیب


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