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Fruit Names With A to Z (Urdu and English)

Fruit Names A to Z
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Fruit Names With A to Z (Urdu and English)~ There are many different types of fruit, and each one has a unique name. This blog post will list 26 fruit names, one for each letter of the alphabet. The fruit names will be listed in both Urdu and English, so that everyone can understand them. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert when it comes to fruits, this blog post is sure to educate and entertain you!

Fruit Names With A to Z

Urdu English Urdu English
بادام Almond لوکاٹھ Loquat
خوبانی Apricot لیموں Lemon
سیب Apple لیچی Litchi
آلوبخارا Bokhara pulm شہتوت Mulberry
گولر Boll خربوزہ Melon
کیلا Banana آم Mango
جامن Blackberry سنگترہ Orange
ناریل Coconut انار Pomegranate
کاجو Cashewnut پستہ Pistachio
کشمش Currant کیوڑہ Pandenus
چیری Cherry بگوگوشہ Pyrus Malus
چکوترا Citron پپیتا Papaya
کھجور Date ناشپاتی Pear
انجیر Fig آلوچہ Plum
مونگ پھلی Groundnut آڑو Peech
انگور Grapes انناس Pineapple
امرود Guava بہی Quince
جامن Jambolan کشمش Raisin
میٹھا Sweet Lemon رس بھری Raspberry
سٹروبری Strawberry شکرقندی Sweet Potato
اخروٹ Walnut گنا Sugar cane


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