How to Learn English Vocabulary in Easy Way

How to Learn English Vocabulary in Easy Way – 10 Easy Steps

How to Learn English Vocabulary in Easy Way? It is the most common question that every English learner asks his English tutors. By following these 10 steps on daily basis you can improve your vocabulary collection and if you practice this drill regularly you can speak English much faster and fluently within a couple of days or weeks. But the condition is that you have to follow these drills on daily basis otherwise you cannot get benefit out of it.

Some students spend a lot of money to learn English but after all this, they are not capable of speaking English fluently. The main reason behind it is that, although they spend money and time they do not make practice it at home. This is the reason after completing the speaking courses they feel hesitation. Believe me, if you really want to improve your English vocabulary follow my 10 golden steps. Within a couple of weeks, you will feel a great enhancement in your vocabulary collection.

How to Learn English Vocabulary in Easy Way – 10 Steps

These 10 golden points are really magical.

How to Learn English Vocabulary in Easy Way

1. Reading

Reading is the first step in getting knowledge and for improving vocabulary. You have to make a habit of reading books, motivational stories, novels, and poems, etc. You have to read something according to your taste in the English language it can be anything that you like.

You can start reading English journals or newspapers. Being a good reader you have a lot of vocabulary-building opportunities. Although reading books is a traditional method to learn but still it is an effective way to learn and improve vocabulary. Moreover, if you are fed up with reading books you can use your mobile phone to read books.

The benefit of reading on your cell is that you can access almost everything in this world. You can enjoy different articles by different writers if you get bored with one.

Now, I will conclude the outcome of the reading. When you are reading you encounter advanced and new vocabulary words. Now your learning phase starts and you have to google it and learn about that word.

If you read regularly. Then after a few days, you will have a new collection of words.

2. Listening

Listening has a robust effect on our minds. If we clearly listen to a word once or twice we can recall it at any time. I would like to share my personal experience with you. When I was in university I didn’t spend my time reading. I used to ask my friend to repeat twice and then after having a basic concept I write it in my own words.

You can listen to different kinds of speeches, motivational stories, documentasries, success stories, failure stories, TV shows, cartoons, and other English Vlogs.

Make a habit of listening to English for half an hour daily.

3. Watching movies

I would not recommend you to watch movies to waste your time. You should watch movies only for learning purposes. If you can improve your vocabulary by watching movies then it is a good thing. Otherwise, you can watch documentaries and motivational speeches.

Watching makes an image in your mind. When you are watching our mind is making and saving an image. Similarly when you listen to a vocabulary word and watching the thing relevant to it then, your mind saves that image. Now, when we recall or listen to that word our mind tells us the meaning by displaying its image.

Try to watch English movies for half an hour or 15 minutes.

4. Vocabulary with images

As I have discussed the scenario of our mind is when we listen to a word and watch its image. So, memorizing vocabulary words with images is a very useful, time-saving, and long-term memorizing technique.

We are using this technique unconsciously from our childhood books. It is the reason that the vocabulary words are written with clear and painted images so that they can remain in the memory of Childs and they can recall vocabulary words.

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5. Vocabulary Games

Playing vocabulary games is another visual learning technique. In this technique, we play games and learn vocabulary. In such games, words are spoken and different images are displayed and you have to select the correct ones.

Scrabble, Pictionary, and 20 objects are some useful games to learn English. The best thing about the games to learn English vocabulary is that you can boost your vocabulary without getting bore.

You can easily spend 30 to 60 minutes learning vocabulary by playing games.

6. 10 new words daily

After reading this article you have to make a strong determination to learn 10 new words daily. You can imagine if you learn 10 new words daily after one month you have learned 300 words and after one year you have a collection of 3600 new vocabulary words.

This is one of the best practices to increase your vocabulary. Now the question arises that from where you will get new words. The simple way of getting new words is to read newspapers or read articles. You will get new daily used vocabulary words and you can have a strong collection of words.

7. Make sentences

When you have completed the above drills then you have a huge collection of vocabulary words that are used in our daily conversation. Try to make sentences and phrases by using the vocabulary words that you have learned.

When you make sentences you have to use different words in this way you enrich your vocabulary and speak English faster.

8. Thinking

Thinking is the initial step of everything. First of all, a thought comes to our mind then we implement it. If you start thinking in English all the time you will feel at ease while speaking. There will be a thirst for knowing the English of different words and you will Google those words to know their meanings. In this way, you will improve your vocabulary.

9. Writing

Writing is the best habit to memorize anything. When you learn something try to note it down. Because writing is considered one of the best memorizing techniques. When you have selected your 10 daily use vocabulary words. Then note them down with their meanings.

Repeat this drill for every word that you want to learn.

10. Conversation

The conversation is obviously compulsory to improve your vocabulary. You cannot become a fluent speaker until you start the conversation by using those words. After learning and writing practice try to speak those vocabulary words with your friend or siblings. It will improve your confidence in speaking and will increase fluency.