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Irregular Verbs with Urdu
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Irregular Verbs with Urdu Meanings | Verb Forms! Verbs with Urdu meanings in their various forms. Verbs have unusual meanings in Urdu. The 1000 Forms of Verbs with Meanings in Urdu are shown below. In both English and Urdu, there is a list of verb forms. Free English verbs in 1000 versions.
The following is a list of irregular verbs in English with their Urdu translations. Making the second and third forms of verbs is typically challenging. You’re set to go once you’ve memorized these 101 irregular verbs.

Forms of Verbs List

Forms of Verbs List Forms of Verbs List Forms of Verbs List

Aid مدد Aided Aided
Choose انتخاب کرنا Chose Chosen
Create بنانا Created Created
Flatter چاپلوسی Flattered Flattered
Give دینا Gave Given
Injure زخمی ہونا Injured Injured
Lose ڈھیلا Lost Lost
Mix مکس Mixed Mixed
Qualify پاس کرنا Qualified Qualified
Sit بیٹھنا Sat Sat
Shed بہنا Shed Shed
Swell سوجنا Swelled Swelled
Torture اذیت Tortured Tortured
Accuse الزام لگانا Accused Accused
Bleed خون بہنا Bled Bled
Bury دفنانا buried Buried
Cost قیمت Cost Cost
Drive چلانا Drove Driven
Earn کمانا Earned Earned
Help مدد Helped Helped
Learn سیکھنا Learnt Learnt
Level برابر Leveled Leveled
Preach تعریف Preached Preached
Ring بجانا Rang Rung
Send بھیجنا Sent Sent
Stock ذخیرہ Stocked Stocked
Understand سمجھنا Understood Understood
Add جمع کرنا Added Added
Begin شروع ہونا Began Begun
Believe یقین Believed Believed
Discover دریافت Discovered Discovered
Drink پینا Drank Drunk
Harm تقصان Harmed Harmed
Join ملانا Joined Joined
Lose کھونا Lost Lost
Pack باندھنا Packed Packed
Prove ثابت Proved Proved
Resign استعفی Resigned Resigned
Tell بتانا Told Told
Weigh وزن کرنا Weighed Weighed
Work کام Worked worked
Beat ضرب لگانا، پیٹنا Beat Beaten
Beg بھیک مانگنا Begged Begged
Describe بیان Described Described
Do کرنا did Done
Guess اندازہ Guessed Guessed
Irrigate سیراب کرنا Irrigated Irrigated
Lend ادھار دینا Lent Lent
Operate چلانا Operated Operated
Pluck توڑنا Plucked Plucked
Remind یاد دلانا Reminded Reminded
Take کینا Took Taken
trust اعتبار Trusted Trusted
Waste ضائع Wasted Wasted
Admire تعریف کرنا Admired Admired
Break توڑنا Broke Broken
Clap تالی Clapped Clapped
Employ ملازمت کرنا Employed Employed
Find تلاش کرنا، پانا Found Found
Hit مارنا Hit Hit
Hunt شکار Hunted Hunted
Lick چاٹنا Licked Licked
Lock مقفل Locked Locked
Print چھاپنا Printed Printed
Run بھاگنا Ran Run
Shoe جوتا Shoed Shoed
Talk بات Talked Talked
Weep رونا Wept Wept
Adopt اختیار کرنا Adopted Adopted
Burn جلنا Burnt Burnt
Connect ملانا connected Connected
Enter داخل ہونا Entered Entered
Fly اڑنا، اڑانا Flew Flown
Improve بہتری لانا Improved Improved
Let فرض کرنا Let Let
Light لائٹ Lighted, Lit Lighted, lit
March مارچ Marched Marched
Punish سزا Punished Punished
Sell بیچنا Sold Sold
Spend خرچ Spent Spent
Try کوشش Tried Tried
Write لکھنا Wrote Written
Admit تسلیم کرنا admitted Admitted
Bring لانا Brought Brought
Climb چڑھنا Climbed Climbed
Enlarge بڑا کرنا Enlarged Enlarged
Flee بھاگ جانا Fled Fled
Hurt دکھ Hurt Hurt
Impress متاثر Impressed Impressed
Lie جھوت Lied Lied
Loosen ڈھیلا کرنا Loosened Loosened
Progress کارکردگی Progressed Progressed
See دیکھنا Saw Seen
Show ظاہر Showed Showed
Test چیک Tested Tested
Wind چابی دینا Wound Wound
Attack حملہ کرنا attacked Attacked
Awake جاگنا یا جگانا Awoke Awoken
Defeat شکست Defeated Defeated
Dig کھودنا Dug Dug
Greet سلام کرنا Greeted Greeted
Involve شامل Involved Involved
Lead راہنمائی Led Led
Offer پیشکش Offered Offered
Pick اٹھانا Picked Picked
Remember یاد Remembered Remembered
Steal چرانا Stole Stolen
Treat سلوک Treated treated
Want چاہنا Wanted Wanted
Become ہونا Became Become
Behave برتاؤ Behaved Behaved
Destroy تباہ کرنا Destroyed Destroyed
Draw کھینچنا Drew Drawn
Hang لٹکنا Hanged Hanged
Joke مذاق کرنا Joked Joked
Lie لیٹنا Lay Laid
Oppose مخالفت Opposed Opposed
Pray دعا Prayed Prayed
Rescue حفاظت Rescued Rescued
Tear پھاڑنا Tore Torn
Watch دیکھنا Watched Watched
Weep رونا Wept Wept
Allow اجازت دینا Allowed Allowed
Eat کھانا Ate Eaten
Belong تعلق Belong Belong
Bend جھکانا، جھکنا Bent Bent
Bet شرط Bet Bet
Discuss بات چیت Discussed Discussed
Hate نفرت Hated Hated
Kick لات مارنا kicked Kicked
Lay لیٹنا Laid Laid
Make بنانا Made Made
Pass گزرنا Passed Passed
Roar دھاڑنا Roared Roared
Say کہنا Said said
Think سوچنا Thought Thought
Agree متفق ہونا Agreed Agreed
Catch پکڑنا Caught Caught
Copy نقل Copied Copied
Flash فلیش Flashed Flashed
Get حاصل کرنا Got Got ,Gotten
Inform اطلاع دینا Informed Informed
Load لادنا Loaded Loaded
Melt پگھلنا Melted Melted
Question سوال Questioned Questioned
Sing گانا Sang Sung
Set سیٹ Set Set
Sweep جھاڑو Swept Swept
Tremble کانپنا Trembled Trembled
Advise نصیحت Advised Advised
Buy خریدنا Bought Bought
Consist مشتمل ہونا Consisted Consisted
Finish ختم کرنا Finished Finished
Forget بھول جانا Forgot Forgotten
Increase بڑھانا Increased Increased
Like پسند Liked liked
Measure ماپنا Measured Measured
Put رکھنا Put Put
Quarrel جھگڑا Quarreled Quarreled
Shake ہلانا Shook Shaken
Spill پھیلنا Spilt Spilt
Trouble مشکل Troubled Troubled
Apply لاگو کرنا Applied Applied
Come آنا Came Come
Cure علاج Cured Cured
Gain حاصل کرنا Gained Gained
Grow اگنا، اگانا، بڑھنا Grew Grown
Invent ایجاد کرنا Invented Invented
Mean متوسط Meant Meant
Object اعتراض Object Object
Refuse منع Refused Refused
Speak بولنا Spoke Spoken
Sweat پسینہ Sweat Sweat
Tell بتانا Told Told
Vote ووٹ Voted Voted
Ask پوچھنا Asked Asked
Blame الزام Blamed Blamed
Bind باندھنا Bound Bound
Burst پھٹنا Burst Burst
Dive ڈبکی Dived Dived
Fall گرنا Fell Fallen
Heal بہتر ہونا Healed Healed
Knit بُننا Knitted Knitted
Lead سربراہی Led Led
Mistake غلطی Mistook Mistaken
Pay ادا کرنا Paid Paid
Rob لوٹنا Robbed Robbed
Seek امید Sought Sought
Throw پھینکنا Threw Thrown
Accept قبول کرنا Accepted Accepted
Bite کاٹنا Bit Bitten
Borrow ادھار Borrowed Borrowed
Cast ذات پات Cast Cast
Drown ڈوبنا Drowned Drowned
Feed کھلانا پلانا Fed Fed
Heap ڈھیر Heaped Heaped
Knock دستک دینا Knocked Knocked
Leap چھلانگ Leapt Leapt
Perform مظاہرہ Performed Performed
Ride سواری کرنا Rode Ridden
Satisfy مطمئن Satisfied Satisfied
Sell فروخت Sold Sold
Wake جاگنا، جگانا Woke Woke, woken
Arrest گرفتار کرنا Arrested Arrested
Dare ہمت Dared Dared
Deal سلوک کرنا Dealt Dealt
Graze چرنا Grazed Grazed
Hang لٹکانا Hung Hung
Invite مدعو کرنا Invited Invited
Occupy قبضہ کرنا Occupied Occupied
Pay ادا Paid Paid
Reject رد Rejected Rejected
Stand کھڑا ہونا Stood Stood
Think سوچنا Thought Thought
Thrust یقین Thrust Thrust
Wander گھومنا پھرنا Wandered Wandered
Answer جواب دینا Answered Answered
Cling چمٹنا Clung Clung
Crush توڑنا Crushed Crushed
Found پانا Founded Founded
Inspect تفتیش کرنا Inspected Inspected
Make بنانا Made Made
Obey تعمیل Obeyed Obeyed
Reduce کم Reduced Reduced
Smell سونگھنا Smelt Smelt
Spread پھیلانا Spread Spread
Teach پڑھانا Taught Taught
Unite متحد United United
Go جانا Went Gone
Act عمل کرنا Acted Acted
Blow ہوا کا چلنا Blew Blown
Call بلانا Called called
Cut کاٹنا Cut Cut
Educate تعلیم یافتہ Educated Educated
Feel محسوس کرنا Felt Felt
Hire کرایہ پر لینا Hired Hired
Leave چھوڑنا Left Left
Listen سننا Listened Listened
Pretend ظاہر Pretended Pretended
Rise اٹھنا، اوپر آنا Rose Risen
Sew سلائی Sewed Sewed
Shout چلانا Shouted Shouted
Wear پہننا Wore Worn

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