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Kitchen verbs in English with Urdu meanings and sentences PDF

kitchen verbs in english with urdu meanings and sentences
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Kitchen verbs in English with Urdu meanings and sentences 

Here is the list of 40+ most common and daily used kitchen vocabulary words with Urdu meanings and sentences. These basic vocabulary words are very useful for our routine conversation when we have to discuss anything related to the kitchen.

These basic vocabulary words are very helpful when are hoteling or dealing on a restaurant. This professional vocabulary words collection will help you a lot while your professional dinners and other places.

Kitchen vocabulary words List 

kitchen verbs list with urdu meanings

Cooking Verbs Urdu Meanings Use in Sentence
Blend آپس میں ملانا Oil and water do not blend
Bake پکانا  My father taught me how to bake bread.
Melt پگهلنا  Can you spread the butter on my bread?
Carve تراشنا، کاٹنا Do we always serve meats by carving to our customers?
Add اضافہ کرنا Don’t forget to add salt to the soup.
Grate کدوکش کرنا You should grate the apples properly.
Dip تر کرنا She dipped the biscuits in the tea.
Pinch چٹکی بھر لینا She pinched some salt into the soup.
Fry تلنا You must fry the potatoes in a little oil.
Slice ٹکڑا Could you slice the cake, please
Broil بھوننا We are broiling in this hot sun
Serve پیش کرنا the meal will be served within 10 minutes.
Break توڑنا Firstly break the eggs properly.
Saute بھوننا please, Saute the onion.
Roast بھننا I am going to roast the chicken.
Break توڑنا I break two eggs and put them in the dish.
Taste چکنا My sister tastes the curry for me.
Whip up تیزی سے پکانا She can easily whip up an omelet.
Chop کاٹنا  What’s the best way to chop an onion?
Scramble پھینٹنا She scrambled two eggs at a time.
Simmer ابالنا Bring the potatoes to a simmer.
Steam بھاپ دینا He wiped the steam from the mirrors.
Squeeze نچوڑنا My mother tried to squeeze the orange
Melt پگهلنا The chocolate will be melted in the fridge.
Cook پکانا A person who cooks the meal.
Pour انڈیلنا Don’t pour hot water into the glass.
Knead گوندھنا I want to knead the dough by myself.
Dice چھوٹے ٹکڑوں میں کرنا Let’s dice the potatoes.
Boil ابالنا She should boil the eggs properly.
Measure مانپنا Did you measure the quantity of water?
Boil ابالنا When the water boils, add rice.
Chop چھوٹے چھوٹے ٹکڑے کرنا Chop up the vegetables, please.
Spread پھیلانا He spread some jam on his toast.
Cut کاٹنا They cut the meat into small pieces.
Stir ہلانا She uses a teaspoon to stir my tea.
Mix ملانا He gets the sugar and mixes it in the tea.
Barbecue بھنا ہوا گوشت We barbecue often during the summer.
Layer تہه The cake has a layer of fruit in the middle.
Grill آگ پر سینکنا we enjoyed grilled fish last night.
Peel چھلکا اتارنا Please, peel the potatoes and carrots.

Cooking verbs List with Urdu Meanings and sentences

kitchen verbs list in english with urdu meanings and sentences kitchen verbs in english with urdu meanings and sentences pdf cooking verbs list with urdu meanings and sentences


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