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List of Colors in Arabic, English and Hindi Meanings

List of Colors in Arabic
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List of Colors in Arabic, English, and Hindi Meanings! Color has the ability to influence our moods, emotions, and behaviors. It can also serve as a source of data. So, in this session, we’ll study renowned colors and their English, Arabic, and Urdu translations. This lesson will teach you how to pronounce different colors in English, Urdu, and Arabic.
Learn basic English vocabulary with visuals in Arabic. Color names in Arabic and English with photos
Learn the meanings of colours in Arabic, English, and Hindi. How to say the names of colours in Arabic. The list of colours and their meanings in English, Roman, Hindi, and Urdu should be memorised.

List of Colors in Arabic

Colors names

Color in English Color in Arabic Transcription
White أَبیَضٌ Abyaz
Slow White أَبیَضٌ بَاھِتٌ Abyaz Baahit
Light White أَبیَضٌ فَاقِعٌ Abyaz Faqi’u
Red أَحمَرٌ Ahmar
Dark Red أَحمَرٌ قانِعٌ Ahmar Qani’u
Green أَخضَرٌ Akhzar
Dark Green أَخضَرٌ شَدِیدٌ Akhzar Shadeed
Violet Red أَرجُوانِیُّ Arjuwaniyy
Blue أَرزَقٌ Arzaq
Dark Blue أزرَقٌ شَدِیدٌ Arzaq Shadeed
Yellow أَصفَرٌ Asfar
Dark Yellow أَصفَرٌ فاقِعٌ Asfar Faqi’u
Light Yellow أَصفِرٌ فاقِعٌ Asfar Faqi’u
Almond Color أَسمَرٌ Asmar
Black أَسوَدٌ Aswad
Violet بَنَفشِیُّ Banafshiyy
Orange بُرتَقالِیُّ Burtaqaliyy
Dark Color فَاقِحٌ Faaqih
Color لَونٌ Lown
Light Color لَونٌ بَاھِتٌ Lown Baahit
Hard Color لَونٌ فَاتِحٌ Lown Faatih
Dark Black لَونٌ غاسِقٌ Lown Ghasiq
Pink قِرمِذِیُّ Qirmiziyy
Brown رَمادِیُّ Ramadiyy
Brown سِنجَابِیُّ Sinjabiyy
Golden ذَھَبِیُّ Zahabiyy

List of Colors names List of Colors in Arabic

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