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List of Sweets in English and Urdu

List of Sweets in English
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List of Sweets in English and Urdu! Welcome to our list of sweets in English and Urdu. Our selection of delicious treats will satisfy any sweet tooth! We’ve got something for everyone, from classic British sweets to traditional Pakistani treats. So whether you’re looking for a new snack to try or just want to reminisce about your favorite childhood candy, we’ve got you covered. Happy snacking!

Akhrot ka Halwa  اخروٹ کا حلوہ
Anarsa  انارسا
Bal Mithai  بال مٹھائی
Sohan Papdi/Patisa  سوہن پاپڑی/پٹیسا
Sohan Halwa  سوہن حلوہ
Shakar Pare  شاکر پارے۔
Firni  فرنی
Kalakand  کالاکنڈ
Karachi Halwa  کراچی کا حلوہ
Gulab Jaman  گلاب جمن
Laddu  لڈو
Falooda فلودہ


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