Mean Boy Names (Most Popular Ones)

Mean Boy Names (Most Popular Ones)
Written by English Oye

Mean Boy Names (Most Popular Ones)! There’s a new study out that shows that parents are increasingly choosing mean-sounding boy names.

Some of the findings include: the rise in popularity of names like ‘Kai,’ ‘Milo,’ and ‘Aiden’; the decline in popularity of classic names like ‘Arthur’ and ‘George’; and an increase in unpopularity of traditionally popular names like ‘Matthew’ and ‘Justin’.

List of Mean Boys Names and Meaning

Kendrick bold ruler
Kelly warrior
Billie resolute protector
Agas strength
Jelani mighty
Liam resolute protector
Valda rule
Matilda battle strength
Conrad bold counsel
Aftan powerful
Barrett bear strength
Reynold powerful counselor
Andrew manly
Iphigenia born strong
Audelia strength
Karleen womanly strength
Kenzo strong
Gertrude spear of strength
Nicola victory of the people
Finley fair warrior
Tory victory
Audrey noble strength
Val valiant
Ryder knight
Fergus man strength
Rory red king
Trudy spear of strength
Ala defending men
Reina queen
Leopold brave people
Adira powerful
Gabriella god is my strength
Amalle one who has the power
Montana mountain
Gabriel god is my strength
Auberi powerful and kind
Arnold eagle power
Hunter one who hunts
Andrea manly
Gesa strength of a spear
Bridget exalted
Ikaika strong
Briana noble
Avery elf king
Valentina strength
Ethan strong
Drew manly
Lenna lion’s strength
Elfreda old strength
Valente strong
Grant great
Austin great
Emery valiant ruler
Arsenio virile
Amari a strong being
Lonnie noble
Bernadette brave as a bear
Zale sea strength
Mildred gentle strength
Valencia valor
Devlin fierce courage
Ulric powerful ruler
Maximus greatest
Charles manly
Wyetta war strength
Amana a warrior at heart
Auryn a powerful person
Caledon a tough person
Brighid strength
Keren power
Jabbar powerful
Ken healthy
Lulu famous warrior
Austen great
Bailey bailiff
Americus home ruler
Owen young warrior
Avree wise ruler
Storm a storm
Angus strength
Millicent labor strength
Isa strong willed
Reagan little king
Ebba strength of an animal
Garrett spear rule
Audra noble strength
Melisande labor strength
Bria vigor
Emersyn powerful
Rex king
Aubrey noble ruler
Philomena lover of strength
Jaiyana strength



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